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How Micromanagement Could Be Costing You

There are many elements of an organization that can always use some tweaking, especially when it comes to management styles. If management is something you think may need some adjusting within your organization, now is the time to evaluate if micromanagement may be causing more harm than good. Though it may seem necessary at times, resorting to micromanagement can be detrimental to your organization for these reasons, among others:

Lower employee performance.

When you are constantly overseeing your staff’s performance, they can become too dependent on your feedback over time. This often results in the stunting of employees’ growth and development, as they will not have the tools or confidence to work independently without being handheld on every little project or assignment. When employees are too dependent on their managers’ supervision, they fail to learn from their mistakes and rely on the expertise of others to help them function in their roles.

Lack of growth and innovation. 

The most successful companies are those that empower their employees to engage in creativity and critical thinking. Micromanagement halts this type of employee engagement, as it prevents employees from the learning process and puts them in a position in which they are not encouraged to think for themselves. This ultimately leads to a breakdown, in which your people lack the knowledge or tools to advance, leaving your organization to operate at an average level at best.

Poor employee retention.

It should come as no surprise that employees under constant scrutiny at work will begin to feel resentful and burned out. This can become a slippery slope for your company, as your people will begin to seek work elsewhere, causing retention to plummet and your best talent to turn to the competition for employment. What’s most damaging is that your employees will take the skills and knowledge they acquired from your company to their new jobs, resulting in wasted time, money, and resources in the training and development of your existing staff.


If you suspect that micromanagement is wreaking havoc on your organization, it’s time to make some major changes in your managerial practices. By implementing a process that allows your managers to support employees’ workflow – without smothering them – you’ll gradually create a thriving workplace that fosters growth and fulfillment.


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