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The Impact of a Negative Review

Negative Review

If I could give you zero stars, I would. Ouch!

Many people don’t realize the impact that just one negative review can have on a company’s reputation. Particularly with a smaller company, it can be hard to bring the overall rating back up.

Lots of prospective customers use reviews to make their decision on whether to work with a company or not. Therefore feedback is very impactful for a business.On average, companies receive about 6 positive reviews for each negative comment.

As expert Florida recruiters we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of receiving adverse feedback. We hope you find this information helpful!

The Bad

The impact of negative reviews can be damaging, and especially frustrating if they are not substantiated.

They Cost Companies Income

Some people will choose not to work with an organization simply based on their reviews. If they happen to read one that rubs them the wrong way, you have essentially lost their business.

Things Get Blown Out Of Proportion

Misunderstandings occur all the time, and in the business world it is no different. Most companies have received a scathing review from an irate customer at some point. Many times it is something that could’ve been resolved “behind the scenes” rather than online for all to see. Or perhaps the customer was not satisfied with the outcome and they felt the need to “vent” online.


The Good

Believe it or not, the impacts of a negative review are not all bad.

Proves Authenticity

Reviews do not all have to be 5 stars, as that is not realistic. You want potential customers to see that the company is genuine. A negative review shows the human side of an organization. People make mistakes and no one is perfect.

Leaves Room for Improvement

Certainly there is always room for improvement and constructive criticism is generally appreciated, as it allows companies to better themselves.


Ultimately, companies rely on reviews to gain new business and make positive changes. One should aim to have a balance of positive and negative reviews. We suggest encouraging as many people as possible to give you a review, as it builds a rapport with customers. Happy Reviewing!



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