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Job Seekers: How to Advocate for Yourself

Advocate For Yourself

If no one knows how awesome you are, how will you get ahead?

In this world, you have to advocate for yourself. No one else will do it for you. Ultimately, you cannot rely on others for your success, particularly when looking for a job. You have to create and manage your own career path.

As one of the top staffing agencies in Florida, we go over ways to advocate for yourself during the job search. Enjoy!

Be Authentic

Being authentic doesn’t mean just being yourself. It’s a little more complicated. It’s about being consistent, doing what you say, and understanding who you are as a person. Understandably, these are all important traits to have when seeking employment. People can see through you when you’re being fake and no one wants to hire a phony.

To advance in your career you need to learn how to vocalize your strengths as well as your weaknesses. We suggest putting together a list of your assets, along with your faults. Admitting your mistakes and showing how you learned from your experiences demonstrates growth and maturity.

Be Assertive

Don’t assume your employer can figure out your skills or determine what achievements you’ll bring to the table. You need to be assertive and communicate your value effectively. Know what you are looking for in a job and go after it. If the employer is not offering what you need, speak up for yourself and articulate your thoughts clearly. Being upfront and honest is an admirable characteristic in a potential hire.

Be Confident

Having the confidence to admit what you don’t know and asking for help proves you’re committed to learning and improving. Being an advocate for yourself shows you have a backbone and keeps you competitive. Quantify your abilities, show how they affected the company’s bottom line. Believe in yourself and your ability to make a positive impact on a company.

Many worry about being too pushy or coming across as desperate, and you do need to find a balance. Remaining aware and keeping your compassion can help prevent you from becoming overconfident.

Be Persistent

Keep a positive attitude and don’t give up in your job search. Continue to follow up and advocate for yourself. Persistence really does pay off.


Don’t forget, advocating for yourself does not stop once you get the job!


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