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Make New Employees Feel Welcome – 6 Ways

New Employees Feel Welcome

As a top Florida staffing agency, we are experts at making new employees feel welcome. We often hear that our office has an incredibly warm and friendly vibe, so we must be doing something right.

Making new employees feel welcome, also known as onboarding, is crucial to the employment process. According to the Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, 7 in 10 companies do not have a new employee program in place. And they wonder why their staff is leaving after less than a year. Here are some onboarding suggestions straight from our experienced recruiting team. Enjoy!

1. Be Inclusive

It is important to give your new employee the impression that they are part of the team immediately. We recommend making sure they are involved in all conversations, so they don’t feel left out. Try to make them feel like they are appreciated and have a place in the office. Be a supportive team member.

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2. Be Friendly

Be friendly, but not fake to your new employee. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would like to be treated when starting a new job. Give them your full attention, but keep conversation casual. Learn how their mind works and gauge how they interact with the team.

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3. Don’t Overwhelm

We know you are eager to get your new employee up to speed and ready to work, but we recommend you take things slow. Take breaks between learning new tasks. Don’t throw too many things at them in one day or they may not be able to retain the information. Much like trying to cram before a test, it is not usually effective.

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4. Explain

Don’t just show your new employee how to do something without an explanation of why and how it fits into the big picture. They are more likely to catch on more quickly if they have a full understanding. It is the trainer’s responsibility to be thorough and go over procedures step by step and make sure the new employee is comfortable with their responsibilities.

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5. Be Patient

Don’t be discouraged if your new employee doesn’t catch on right away or forgets something you already went over with them. They may be nervous or simply overloaded with information. Be sure they receive proper training and continued education. Many company orientations are too brief, and employees are left to sink or swim.

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6. Be Open-Minded

We suggest being flexible and willing to make changes in procedures. Maybe your new employee has a different way of looking at things or doing things that is better or more efficient. A fresh perspective can provide valuable insight.

Proper onboarding aids greatly in employee retention. If you take our advice into consideration your new employee will be adjusted in no time. For additional tips or information about our staffing services, please visit our website or follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. It is our pleasure to assist you!