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Maximizing Your Workforce While Short-staffed

As the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the workforce, it’s no surprise that many companies across the U.S. have struggled to maintain adequate staffing levels. From fewer candidates in the talent pool to a growing number of employees quitting jobs or switching careers, employees have been faced with an ever-growing list of workforce development and hiring challenges. However, with the right planning and preparation, employers can navigate labor shortages without any major consequences to their bottom line. As your leadership team works to overcome shortages, here are some strategies for making the most of your team, even if you’re severely short-staffed:

Hire temporary staff.

In many cases, temporary employees can provide a tremendous support to your full-time employees during staffing shortages. Utilizing the services of a trusted staffing agency can help you find qualified temp workers who can fulfill your company’s specific short-term labor needs while keeping productivity levels at an optimal level. With a staffing partnership, recruiters will work closely with your hiring managers to identify hiring needs and find candidates with the right skills and credentials to work at your organization. Over time, bringing onboard temporary staff can prevent burnout of your full-time employees and improve how your company functions when full-time labor is limited.

Invest in upskilling. 

Investing in continual upskilling is one of the best decisions you can make for your company’s employee retention levels. With upskilling, current employees are trained so they adopt new skills and abilities, and as a result, can take on tasks that require greater responsibility. Upskilling can be effectively achieved through onsite training programs, professional development initiatives, and mentorship. In addition to improving your company’s performance and productivity, it is a great way to invest in your current staff and show them that you care about their success. If your company is new to the idea of upskilling, consider hiring a coach or consultant who can assist with this process and empower your employees to reach their greatest potential.

Re-evaluate your hiring goals.  

During any labor shortage, your company may be tempted to ramp up hiring and fill open positions quickly. However, hasty hiring can often lead to even worse internal problems in terms of performance and morale. Hiring underqualified candidates just for the sake of filling positions can cause a decline in productivity and interpersonal issues among staff which can negatively affect every part of your organization. Rather than jump to hiring new workers, consider ways in which you can help existing employees take on more roles or collaborate to get more done. If this means increasing the pay of your current staff, this is often a better decision than simply hiring new employees who are ill-equipped to fulfill your workforce demands.

Assess leadership practices.  

The communication and messaging occurring at the leadership level is instrumental to how your current employees view you as their employer. Factors like open lines of communication, team building, and collaboration, all play a role in positively engaging employees and demonstrating a commitment to their success. If you find that leaders in your organization are absent or dismissive of staff’s concerns, it’s time to implement new practices and policies that make your employees a top priority, and ultimately, keep them at your organization for the long haul. Remember, the behavior displayed by your leadership team sets the tone for your entire company. The better the leadership, the more connected your staff will feel towards their jobs and your organizational mission.

Focus on your employer brand.  

The reputation you build as an employer can impact how you’re perceived by both current and future employees. As your hiring team works to attract top-quality candidates, making decisions that build your employer brand – such as showcasing company benefits, employee perks, and workplace culture – can draw more top-quality candidates to your job openings and enhance your team at its core. Promoting these assets in your job posts, especially on your website and social media channels will elevate your employer brand over time, which is integral to the long-term success of your workforce.


Even when your company is extremely short-staffed, these strategies will ensure you have a strong team that can thrive during times of uncertainty. Incorporating these practices in your management and workforce development initiatives can have a transformative impact on every aspect of your workforce – including recruitment, hiring and retention.


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