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Three Reasons Why Micromanagement Could Be Hurting (Not Helping) Your Team!

Do your managers feel the need to constantly oversee your staff’s day-to-day activities? While managers should have a strong presence in their employees’ overall routines, management teams that micromanage can often do more harm than good when it comes to employee performance. Check out these three common reasons why micromanagement could be hurting – rather than helping – your team!

Reduced performance.

Counterintuitive to what many people may think, micromanagement can reduce employee performance and lower productivity. Micromanagement not only affects motivation levels, but puts unnecessary stress on employees to be perfectionists which is unattainable for anybody. When managers constantly assert their authority, employees can quickly feel frustrated and overanalyzed – leading to major mental and physical exhaustion. This can have a negative impact on employee performance and lower the quality of work.

Stunting employees’ growth.

Extreme micromanagement can significantly stunt employees’ growth, limiting them from contributing their own ideas and advancing within your organization. This can have a detrimental effect on your company’s morale, resulting in low employee engagement and lack of internal mobility among staff. When employees feel smothered by their managers, they are unable to take on their own projects or initiatives that would help them grow professionally. As a result, many employees remain stunted in their current roles and never develop the confidence to achieve new milestones in their jobs.

Poor employee retention.

Over time, micromanagement is a killer when it comes to employee retention. Micromanagement causes employees to become drained and disillusioned in their jobs, leaving them feeling deflated and bored. This has a direct impact on retention, causing employees to look elsewhere for employment that provides them with a greater sense of autonomy and job satisfaction. One of the best ways to retain top employees is by empowering them with a sense of independence, as well as opportunities to continually learn and improve their abilities.

There’s no doubt that micromanagement can take its toll on your company’s culture and workforce development. Educating and training your managers about effective management practices will create an environment in which every employee has the vital tools and support to reach their greatest potential!

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