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10 Reasons Your Florida Business Needs Temp Employees Today!

Temp EmployeesWhy You Should Hire Temp Employees

Hi readers, I am Karen Rehn, CEO of HH Staffing Services in Sarasota Florida. I have over 26 years of staffing experience and spend many hours a week consulting with our client and job seeking population. I blog daily on the hottest issues in your industries and work hard to spread my experiences with customers, college grads, job seekers, local businesses and organizations. Ask The Boss is a great outlet for our job seekers and customers to write in and ask direct questions to problems they are currently encountering.

When you first began your company, there was probably one piece of advice every business owner you met tried to tell you: Do more, spend less. While this sounds good in theory, actually making this goal come true isn’t always easy. During a time when the economy is just beginning to recover after a long recession, obtaining this goal has never been more important though.

While you may not be able to hire full time employees there is another solution: temp employees. By hiring temporary employees through a temporary employment agency, you can increase the success and performance of your business while spending less.

Finding a temp to hire employee for your Florida jobs is easy with the help of a temporary employment agency, and doing so can be extremely beneficial. Let’s take a look at how flexible staffing can increase the performance of a business.

  • Workload Matches Work Force – In an economy like this one, finding a temp to hire instead of a full-time employee can increase flexibility in the workplace. Temp employees can supplement direct hire staff, increasing production when demand for a product or service is high while keeping fixed overhead low.
  • Low Priority Tasks – Want to increase the morale of core staff? Hire temporary employees to tackle those low priority tasks like administrative duties. This will leave core staff available for more skilled aspects of their jobs.
  • Specialized Expertise – In order for a workplace to grow, certain professionals are often needed. If you need additional skills, but don’t need them all the time, a temporary employee can provide them. They may also be used to teach your direct hire employees the skills necessary to improve the organization.
  • Test New Ideas – Have a new idea, but don’t want to introduce the change to your staff yet? Temp employees can allow you to test the idea and determine if the business is ready for the new concept.
  • The Pain of Growth – Change is always an uneasy topic for employees, so employers often do whatever they can to help staff adjust to change in the easiest way possible. Temp workers are an excellent way to alleviate the pain of growth; they can take on the new responsibilities as the core staff adjusts to their new roles.
  • Eliminate Overtime – Overtime can not only be stressful for employees and lead to burnout, but it can also be an extremely expensive burden for employers. Eliminate the need for overtime when you find a temp to hire for time-consuming job tasks.
  • Increasing Capacity – Want to increase the amount of products or services you sell, without increasing fixed costs? Temp employees allow employers to not only increase capacity, but also provide the extra time necessary to hire the right full-time help and evaluate the demand of a product or service.
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks – During peak periods of production, many businesses find themselves understaffed and ‘bottlenecked.’ Hiring temporary employees helps to alleviate this problem, increase production, and helps ensure no clients or sales are lost.
  • Try Before You Buy – One of the biggest benefits of hiring temporary employees through a Clearwater temporary employment agency is having the option of hiring them full-time later on. Employers can evaluate the temp worker, determine if he or she has what it takes to assist with the company’s success, and offer them a chance a full-time position if it is available.
  • New Business – Direct mail campaigns and telemarketing can be extremely useful when a business is trying to attract new customers. However, these campaigns aren’t always needed on a full-time basis. Hiring temp employees allows employees are to execute their new business plans without distracting core staff from their current responsibilities.

Are you thinking of hiring temp employees? Whether you need temporary help or full-time workers, HH Staffing Services can assist you in finding qualified candidates who can help increase your company’s performance.

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