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2023 Staffing and Recruiting Trends

Ready to take on the new year? As the staffing and recruiting landscape changes at the speed of light, employers that keep up with the latest trends will be best positioned to achieve successful workforce development outcomes in 2023. As you plan ahead, be sure to educate yourself about these three staffing and recruiting trends:

Competitive compensation and benefits

With the economy taking a downward turn, candidates in today’s workforce are increasingly seeking job security and competitive salaries. Employers that are transparent about their compensation and benefits will have an easier time attracting the right talent, as well as retaining their highest-performing employees. In addition to competitive salaries, there are many types of meaningful benefits that employers can offer to increase interest in their companies. Some of these benefits include flexible hours, training and development, and wellness packages.

Advances in recruiting software

The integration of digital tools and recruiting software will continue to impact hiring and recruitment. In particular, applicant tracking software (ATS), will increasingly be used by employers and staffing firms to source and vet qualified candidates, categorize candidates based on specific skills and credentials, and perform virtual interviews and onboarding. ATS tools can significantly improve efficiencies and decrease hiring costs, ultimately streamlining the recruitment process and creating a better talent pipeline.

Increased focus on upskilling

With many companies cutting down on their budgets and reducing hiring efforts, the focus on upskilling existing staff is greater than ever before. Upskilling, the process of teaching current employees additional skills, will play a major role in retaining talent, as well as attracting top candidates. Employers that proactively upskill existing employees tend to fill staffing gaps quicker while cutting down on hiring and other related costs. Providing educational and professional development opportunities also enhances company culture and creates an inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth. Overall, there will continue to be a noticeable connection between increased upskilling and positive recruitment and hiring outcomes.


By being aware of the staffing and recruiting trends above, you can prepare your workforce development efforts in the most productive way possible – setting your company up for long-term success in the new year!


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