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2024 Staffing Predictions: Three Trends We’ll See This Year

Do you have a hiring strategy prepared for 2024? From technological advancements to ever-changing candidate expectations, it’s safe to say that staffing changes continue to impact the way employers recruit and hire talent every year. As an employer, it’s critical to understand how new trends will affect your talent acquisition efforts and take the initiative to adapt accordingly! As 2024 is now underway, here are three top staffing trend predictions expected for this year:

Greater emphasis on AI for recruitment.

The rise of AI continues to impact the staffing industry, with many firms and recruiters turning to new tech platforms to achieve better screening and recruitment outcomes. In fact, according to a recent survey, 36 percent of recruiters report that AI would make their jobs better. AI can be used to leverage existing recruitment tactics and strategies related to sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews. Because of AI’s advanced abilities, it can assist staffing professionals with better candidate matching, as well as enhanced candidate screening procedures with automated messaging and engagement.

Increased demand for flexible hiring.

With flexibility being a top focus for both candidates and employers, it is increasingly important that staffing firms effectively promote temporary and contract employment. Staffing pros who recruit for these jobs can educate employers about the benefits of flexible employment options, including reduced staff turnover and cost savings. According to a global survey conducted by McKinsey, an estimated 70 percent of executives plan to hire more temporary and contract workers this year. This ongoing trend to embrace flexible hiring is expected to continue shaping workforce development for employers in all industries.

More social recruiting.

As the majority of jobseekers exclusively use social media platforms to look for new job opportunities, employers must embrace social recruiting as part of the hiring process. Promoting jobs on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will become more commonplace for attracting candidates and promoting job openings. Companies that make social media a core part of their recruitment strategy will ultimately generate greater interest from both active and passive candidates, resulting in better workforce development outcomes and a more diversified talent pool.

Employers that stay abreast of the latest staffing trends will have the most success recruiting and retaining the best staff for their companies. As new trends emerge, staying agile and open to new strategies will allow your team to continue meeting evolving workforce expectations.

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