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5 Productivity Killers at Work

Productivity Killers at Work

As a top Florida staffing agency, we expect the best from our employees and hold them accountable for their performance. Ideally, we want our staff to work efficiently as a team. However, we do understand that there are numerous productivity killers at work.

Unfortunately, even one slacking and unproductive employee can affect the success of a whole company. While it is normal to get distracted occasionally, especially when your co-workers are chatty on a Friday afternoon, it should not be a day to day occurrence. How would anyone get their jobs done? How do you determine when someone’s behavior is harming the entire organization? And how do you know when to let them go?

Based on our experience as an employment agency, here are some productivity killers that simply cannot exist in a functional workplace.

1. Poor Preparation

When someone comes into the office all frazzled, their energy can be felt office-wide. If your co-worker has not held up their end of a project, it can cause resentment amongst your team. If a colleague is not prepared for a meeting, they are wasting people’s precious time. And as we know, time is money.

2. Complaining

There is absolutely nothing productive about complaining. As a professional, you should take things in stride and do your best to find a solution rather than whining about things. No one wants to be around a person who is full of objections.

3. Negativity

Someone who is constantly thinking worst-case scenario can be a real drag. Having a negative attitude is not an attractive quality and it can really bring down a team. Even if you have to “fake it until you make it,” try to be positive and upbeat.

4. Disrespect

We realize everyone has their bad days. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep or they are fighting with their spouse, but there is no excuse for being disrespectful to a co-worker. Try to give your team a heads up if you find yourself in a funk.

5. Lateness & Absences

With life’s unpredictability most people will need to miss work every once and a while, but it is a major productivity killer if it becomes a habit. If an employee is frequently late with no-excuse it forces others to pick up their slack. This can really bring down a company’s morale and efficiency.

If your employees are exhibiting any of these unproductive behaviors, it may be time to consider letting them go. We recommend having a conversation with them first, as a warning. Perhaps the employee did not realize the impact their performance was having on the office. If the problem continues, cut them loose. You don’t want one employee to undermine all the hard work you have put into your organization.


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