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5 Ways To Maintain Job Search Patience in Florida

Job Search Patience

Why won’t someone just hire me already?

It’s hard to be patient, especially in this world of never-ending instant gratification. Anything we want is virtually on demand and easy to obtain with technology at our fingertips.

As a top Florida employment agency, we understand that one of the most difficult aspects of the job search is being patient. We don’t like to wait. Realistically, finding employment takes a while, and if you’re impatient it can seem like forever.

Passage of time is based on perception. Ever notice how 5 minutes snoozing in bed goes by rapidly, yet when you’re somewhere uncomfortable 5 minutes can seem endless? With that in mind, here are our recommendations on how to make time pass more quickly, so you can maintain your job search patience. Enjoy!

1. Be Proactive

Don’t just sit around tapping your foot waiting for employers to get back to you. Follow up with companies you apply with (without stalking them, of course) and show them how much of an asset you could be to their organization. Learn as much as you can about how your skills can translate into hirable qualities.

2. Talk To Someone

Talking to someone during your job search can provide some relief. You can talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you call your favorite local staffing agency (hint, hint!), your mom, your best friend, or your dog. We also suggest jotting your thoughts down in a journal. Just getting your feelings out will make you feel better.

3. Breathe

Make a conscious effort to breathe. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Take air in through your nose, feeling your chest rise as you fill your lungs. Hold for a moment and then breathe out through your mouth. Breathing is the foundation of yoga and mediation, which both can be extremely helpful in practicing patience.

4. Reduce Anxiety

Since we are so conditioned to be gratified instantly, waiting to hear back from an employer often feels like an eternity. This can cause some major anxiety. Telling yourself to relax and not to worry usually doesn’t work, so check our previous blog for more on this topic.

5. Stay Busy

This one seems obvious, but it may be the most helpful. Don’t be consumed by the unpleasantness of the job search process. Find a way to distract yourself. Get outside and breathe some fresh air. There are also some fun free things to do in the Florida area.


Hopefully this has given you some good tips to combat feelings of impatience while you are waiting during your job search. We have plenty more excellent advice on our website and we have ongoing employment opportunities in Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa. We love connecting with our job seekers on social media, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Look forward to hearing from you soon!