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6 Reasons to Use an Employment Agency

Employment Agency

Have you ever considered working with a staffing agency?

There are many reasons to use an employment agency besides simply not being able to find a qualified candidate on your own. HH Staffing can help you save time and money and leave you with less risk. We offer customized solutions and can help you find coverage. Read more here to see why your company should use an employment agency for its hiring needs.

1. Save Money

Hiring can be very expensive. Working with an employment agency allows employers to avoid many of the costs. We have lots of resources to help you save money. For example, we cover the cost of advertising positions. If you hire the wrong person, it can be extremely costly as well. Experts estimate that replacing a bad hire can cost about half of the employee’s annual salary.

2. Save Time

Finding the right employee can be time consuming. It takes a while to review applications, interview prospects, screen and perform background checks, and complete new hire paperwork. When you work with an employment agency, it greatly speeds up the process, so you can focus on doing business. We can help you find a match quickly. This is especially true for small businesses where it’s not economical to have a full time HR staff.

3. Less Risk

There are a lot of legal responsibilities and liabilities when it comes to hiring. By working with an employment agency, you can assume that many of these burdens are not on you. If you need to fire someone or if an employee leaves unexpectedly, the cost is on us. We take full responsibility.

4. Find Quality Candidates

When you partner with an employment agency, we connect you with pre-qualified, established candidates who are ready to work immediately. We make sure their knowledge and experience fits with your company needs. Our recruiters make sure their skills have been assessed and have ranked them against a national sample of all individuals who have taken these tests.

5. Coverage

An employment agency can provide coverage for vacations, sick leave, maternity leave, busy season, or special projects. Our team can assist you in finding an employee in a timely fashion, so you can avoid overtime costs with current employees.

6. Customized Solutions

Depending on your needs as an employer, an employment agency offers flexible and full service staffing solutions. Our company helps recruit with temp, temp to hire, permanent placement. Additionally, we provide payroll services if you already have a candidate in mind and want to hire them on immediately.


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