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7 Interpersonal Skills To Help You Get The Job


Let’s get interpersonal, shall we…

Beyond your degree, any certifications or experience you may have, interpersonal skills are highly desirable in the workplace. The ability to get along with others, especially difficult people, is not easy to teach. These are skills that we have been learning and developing our whole lives.

Otherwise known as people skills, interpersonal skills are connected with emotional intelligence and self-awareness. They allow you to create good working relationships, handle and resolve conflicts, and solve problems at work. Having these skills can help you make better connections and avoid burnout in the office.

When seeking employment, it’s important to showcase your interpersonal skills to the employer. This gives them a good idea of how you will interact and get along with others while getting the job done.

As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, here are 7 interpersonal skills to help you get the job…

1. Communication

We are communicating with each other all the time, over the phone, through text, through email, through social media, face-to-face, and through blogs like this one. However, not everyone has great communication skills. Being a good communicator includes being a good listener, the ability to follow directions and follow up capabilities. Knowledge of both verbal and non-verbal clues is key for successfully communicating in the workplace as well.

2. Work Ethic

Having a good work ethic is certainly an excellent characteristic. Either you have it or you don’t, generally speaking. It’s seen as more of an innate ability versus something that can be taught. This includes being conscientious, arriving to work on time, and adaptability. A person with a strong work ethic is willing to come in early, work late, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

3. Honesty

Ultimately companies just want to be able to trust their employees. Employers want to hire individuals, who are honest, dependable, reliable, and can own up to their mistakes. Companies are looking to hire people who are willing to continue their education and who have effective problem solving skills.

4. Compassion

Being compassionate is a highly valued trait, which relates to being empathic and understanding of others’ feelings. It allows you to build stronger work relationships and creates trust with both colleagues and customers. When you have compassion, you can relate better to others and be able to put yourself in their shoes.

5. Team Player

A survey revealed that 60% of employers consider the ability to work in a group to be the most important skill for graduates entering the workforce. Companies want their workers to support each other and help each other grow. Ultimately, we are all working toward the same goal, which is company success.

6. Confidence

Being confident is vital in life and in the office. It means having determination, being persistent, coping well with stress, and having flexibility. Having confidence in the workplace also helps you move ahead in your career.

7. Positive Attitude

Yes, we’ve heard this one again and again. A positive attitude can go a long way in life. Avoid complaining and speaking negatively. Show gratitude for your job and for those around you. Resist grumbling unnecessarily. Misery loves company, but being positive makes you a much better employee.


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