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7 Tips for Becoming “That Favored” Coworker

HH BossWhen it comes to work, many individuals do not realize the importance of developing healthy relationships with coworkers. Even in regards to temporary employment, friendly relationships allow the work day to be more pleasant, and can be an essential part of your future career. They can write recommendations, vouch for your work ethic, and help you learn new and exciting things.

Developing these types of relationships isn’t always easy. Sometimes you may not know how to approach other individuals, or you may not even like those you work with. No matter the difficulty, there is always a way to becoming the coworker everyone wants to have.

Becoming a Valuable Coworker

  • Step Up – If you notice that one of your coworkers is in need of help, take initiative. Don’t wait to be asked to lend a hand. This will show you are a team player and want everyone to succeed.
  • Give Credit – When someone has an idea, don’t attempt to put your name on it or steal it for yourself. Give credit where credit is due, even if that means missing out on a few points with your boss.
  • Give Some Warning – It may not seem like your colleague is very busy, but whether they’re in the middle of a train of thought or deep in concentration, give them some warning before you interrupt. A quick knock on the door or the side of the cubicle works, however, you should always email or call first when possible. Then, wait for a response before proceeding.
  • Stay in Touch – When vacation season comes upon us, and  you’re planning to  take advantage of the fact that college students are abandoning the beaches and you just want to get away, even for the weekend, make sure to let your colleagues know. Leaving early on Friday may not be a problem with proper notice, but if you leave unannounced, they may end up carrying your share of the work.
  • Be Pleasant- Life is full of stress, but that doesn’t mean every bit of stress is cause for all-out panic. Unless you’ve somehow entered a White House Down situation, just breathe. Stay calm, be empathetic, and work with your coworkers to find a solution to the problem.
  • Stay Out of High School – The workplace shouldn’t resemble high school, so get rid of the idea of cliques. Have lunch with someone new each day, avoid gossip, and try to include everyone in both serious and fun situations.
  • Smile – Be approachable. Smile. Join in with the small talk. Use these times as a building block to friendship. Start each day by smiling at those you work with and greeting them with a warm hello.

What kind of coworker are you? Are you able to make friends easily? Or, is it hard for you to develop relationships? Use these tips to help build valuable friendships in the work place.


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