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7 Tips for Covering Someone on Vacation

Covering Someone on Vacation

You are coming back to work, right?

It’s not fun covering for someone on vacation. You are not being paid more to do the additional work and you still have to do your job. You may think it’s not fair, and maybe it isn’t, but that’s life. Sometimes the odds are in your favor, and sometimes they are not.

When your colleague can’t stop talking about how excited they are for their upcoming trip, all you can think about it is the extra work being dumped on your plate. You want to try to be happy for them, but the thought of your coworker being gone fills you with dread.

Here are some helpful tips to hopefully help you maintain your sanity while your coworker is on vacation. Enjoy!


1. Plan Ahead As Much As You Can

Go over things with your coworker before they leave for vacation. What are their expectations? Determine what absolutely needs to be done while they are gone and what can wait until they get back. Be sure to review logins, passwords, and procedures.


2. Do the Critical Things First

Though this seems obvious, it still needs to be mentioned. In a time of panic it can be hard to think clearly. Figure out what things are urgent and which things can be temporarily put on hold.


3. Focus

It can be challenging to stay focused when you have so many things to accomplish. Though it’s tough, don’t think too far ahead or think how impossible it will be to get everything done. Do things one step at a time. Don’t bounce back and forth between tasks if you can help it.


4. Take A Few Breaks

Even if you feel like you don’t have the time, it is extremely necessary to take breaks. We recommend giving your eyes a rest from the computer screen and getting some fresh air. If you do not allow yourself to take breaks you are going to burn out easily.


5. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. It is common to have feelings of resentment, but try your best to put those feelings aside. You may find yourself getting frustrated and tired, but that only makes matters worse.


6. Ask For Help

Don’t try to do it all. Keep in mind; you cannot be two places at once. And you cannot do two jobs at once, no matter how organized and efficient you are. It is okay to ask for help. It does not make you weak. In fact, it is wise of you to recognize and take action when you need assistance.


7. Create a Follow up Folder

We suggest putting any pending paperwork and notes in a folder to review when the person returns from their vacation. This allows them to get caught up more quickly, making things easier for them and you as well.


If all else fails call your favorite local staffing agency! We can find you a suitable temp ASAP.


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