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Build Deeper Coworker Connections with These Three Tips

Did you know that one of the core elements of professional success is relationship-building? In addition to your relationship with your boss, developing deeper connections with coworkers can have monumental effects on your career and quality of life. If you’re ready to improve your performance at work, here are some of the most practical tips for strengthening bonds with coworkers:

Improve your emotional intelligence.

There’s no denying the importance of emotional intelligence for professional success, and this includes its role in building relationships. Emotional intelligence – the ability to manage your emotions and understand the emotions of others around you – is an invaluable skill for working with coworkers. You can improve your emotional intelligence by engaging in more self-reflection, listening to others’ perspectives, and taking accountability for your actions. For most people, there’s always room to improve emotional intelligence and further develop “people skills” both personally and professionally.

Participate in team-building initiatives.

While many team-building activities or events at your company may be optional at times, making an effort to participate in them can have many positive effects on your workplace relationships. From joining social gatherings to attending company-wide retreats or conferences, being a part of these initiatives will allow you to connect with coworkers in a different setting other than the confines of your workplace. In many instances, you’ll forge new connections with coworkers that transfer to more meaningful connections at work.

Seek the help and expertise of others.

Every professional has different strengths which is what can make any workplace so unique. Taking time to seek the expertise of coworkers will show you value their knowledge and talents, which can drive closer working relationships. For example, you may ask for help on a project or simply seek mentorship and support from a seasoned professional in your department. Bringing an open mind to the workplace will allow you to collaborate more with others while reaching your own performance goals.

By following these tips, you can successfully invest in stronger relationships with coworkers which will ultimately lead to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment on a daily basis.

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