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Build Your Dream Team This Year

Do you have big things planned for your company in 2021? No matter how ambitious your organizational goals may be, you need a qualified team in place to execute your plan and meet your labor demands. Hiring the right talent doesn’t happen overnight and is a process that requires a commitment to consistently seek well-rounded candidates who align with your company’s core mission and values. Here are some key practices to get you started building your dream team:


Redefine your hiring strategy.

If it’s been months or even years since you’ve revisited your hiring strategy, 2021 may be the ideal time to revamp your hiring approach and re-evaluate your process for recruitment, interviewing and onboarding. Many employers make the mistake of not looking for talent in the right places. With the rise of social media and other online networking channels, there are many new platforms that can be leveraged to find better talent. The beauty of utilizing a professional social media site like LinkedIn is that it allows your hiring team to research candidates’ credentials and backgrounds before investing time on them with interviews. Additionally, seeking new talent through your existing employees can be powerful. Many companies are increasingly seeking referrals for candidates internally, often providing incentives for employees who refer a qualified applicant. Remember, your current staff is your biggest, most valuable network – don’t underestimate your team’s role in the hiring process!


Promote company perks.

Promoting your company perks can go a long way in generating a wider range of quality candidates applying to your openings. Within your job descriptions and recruitment communications, be sure to communicate the benefits that come along with working at your organization, such as generous paid time off, a flextime policy, and health and wellness programs, among other benefits. It’s especially important to emphasize the perks that may distinguish you from other employers, which may include employee discounts and awards, employee appreciation programs, or childcare assistance. The more you communicate these types of unique assets, the more talent you’ll attract as you vet the best candidates for your openings.


Foster two-way communication.

A workplace in which employees feel comfortable communicating their thoughts, ideas and concerns is one that fosters growth and innovation. As you build your team, promoting open communication between managers and subordinates will allow every person at your organization to feel that they’re valued and free to contribute their talents in reaching their greatest potential. Developing a rock star team requires that you consistently communicate with your staff in a clear, transparent so your employees understand their roles and what’s expected of them within the context of your organization at large. Furthermore, open communication gives employees the permission to express any concerns or complaints they have to their superiors so issues can be rectified before they become worse.


Invest in your people.

There’s perhaps nothing more impactful in developing your team than investing in their growth. Investing in your people comes in many forms, from offering them professional development opportunities to creating a culture of learning. Some of the steps you can take to invest in your team include implementing workplace policies that promote work-life balance; hosting team-building activities; establishing a buddy system or mentorship program; offering ongoing training and learning initiatives; and providing new hires with comprehensive industry resources and guidance. When you provide employees with a launchpad for them to excel as individuals, you’re essentially setting your company up for long-term success.


Be open to change.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s become essential for any thriving company to embrace change at the most fundamental level. From management protocols to hiring practices, understanding the importance of adapting to change and putting your employees’ health and well-being first will help you build and maintain a team that’s committed to your company’s success. A willingness to change will allow your company to evolve as workplace demands become greater and technologies become more advanced. As the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, “The only constant is change.”

While there’s no such thing as a perfect employee, it is possible to improve the quality of your workforce with the practices above. Over time, this will create a long-term, sustainable process that will allow you to consistently hire the best people for your company from both a professional and cultural standpoint.


Are you ready to build your dream team? Let our talent development experts at HH Staffing make it happen! Get in touch and learn how our staffing solutions can help your company grow in 2021.


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Your Staffing Partner, Darrin Rohr- President, CEO, and Chief Servant

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