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Building Talent vs Buying Talent – Which is right for your Florida business?

building talentIn the early stages of many small businesses, hiring employees might not be extremely essential. You might only have a few clients and most of the work that needs to be completed can be done on your own. As the business begins to grow, though, handling every single task becomes impossible. You need individuals at your side who have specific talents  and are able to assist you with the everyday operations of the company. This transition period can make or break a blossoming company.


Consider Your Options


Choosing the right temp to hire or full time employee is an important decision, and there are two options: you can either build new talent or buy it. While you know employees are vital to running your business, determining the method in which to acquire them can be confusing. Here’s the breakdown:


Building Talent

Building talent is a skill not every business has. Many companies hire employees and spend countless hours and thousands of dollars molding them into leaders and successful staff members. This involves the right culture, leadership, and training through processes and programs. It allows employees to move up in roles inside the company by promoting them to new positions as they increase their skills and competencies.

The skill of building talent is one every business should strive for. However, this is a big investment and may not be possible for small businesses just out of the starting gate. These businesses may not have the commitment necessary from those in leadership roles to mentor and foster talent, either.

That’s okay, there’s a great alternative to hours of training, mentoring and molding an employee.


Buying Talent

Buying talent through a professional staffing service is an excellent option for hiring employees who are already equipped with the skills and training necessary to provide you with the immediate results you need for your business. There are several reasons to choose this option over building talent.

  • You may not have commitments from your leadership staff for properly building talent
  • You may not have the proper training programs (or ANY training program) in place
  • Depending on the size of your business, you may not currently have advancement opportunities to offer to your employees
  • You are in need of a talented individual to fill a specific role in your company immediately


Buying or Building?

In reality, you don’t just have two choices for hiring new employees; there are really three.

You can buy talent, build it, or you can do both.

Building talent takes skill, resources, and time. This is often a future option for many companies who are just getting on their feet. Many begin by buying talent through professional staffing services and then fostering that talent later on as the company grows and resources for training and leadership are more plentiful.

If you need employees now, though, and don’t already have training, advancement opportunities, and resources in place, buying is the best option, and at HH Staffing Services in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Clearwater, we can help.

We are a full service staffing agency, headquartered in Sarasota, but with additional locations in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Clearwater. We service the full Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Orlando, Clearwater, and Dunedin area and have outstanding success locating the best talent for companies just like yours. Our expert recruiters utilize unique software and screening methods to evaluate each and every applicant for you, determining their skill level and comprehension of the job. We also conduct reference and background checks, provide rigorous prescreening interviews, and we take that information to provide businesses with just the right fit for their individual needs.

Our professional staffing service ensures the talent you hire will not only provide you with immediate results, but they will also have the desire and skill to excel with training and advancement opportunities should you decide to build talent later on.


When you need talent and are confused about whether to build it or buy it, consult HH Staffing Services at any of our four locations. Our professional staffing services will assist you in finding the right employees, the right talent, and superior results. Please visit our website at www.hhstaffingservices.com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. We look forward to working with you!