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Busting Three Common Staffing Agency Myths

Have you considered using the services of a staffing agency for your job search, but are unsure of what to expect? If you’re hesitant to work with a staffing firm because of negative things you may have heard, it’s essential to educate yourself about the facts first. Staffing agencies can provide valuable help and assistance to candidates who are open to a variety of employment options, as well as those hoping to improve their resumes through temporary or contract work. Below we’re busting some of the most common staffing firm myths:

Working with a staffing agency costs money.  

Unlike what many people believe, working with a staffing firm on your job search doesn’t cost a penny! Candidates do not pay any fees to use the services of a staffing agency, as it’s employers that pay the firm based on the employee placements that are made on behalf of the company. A reputable staffing firm will never charge a candidate money, and if they ask you to pay for any service, you should not move forward with using them!

The recruiter won’t be in my best interest. 

Just because recruiters must make their clients (employers) a top priority, does not mean they are not in the best interest of candidates. Recruiters are trained to fully understand their clients’ staffing needs and find the best-qualified individuals to fulfill their clients’ open positions. Because recruiters are incentivized to find top talent for their clients, they will work closely to assess your credentials and work with you with every aspect of the application process, including resume updates, application assistance and interview preparation. The best recruiters have a strong understanding of how well a candidate will perform in a certain job based on their employment experience and set of skills.

A staffing firm has limited job options. 

The amount of job options available to you depends on the type of staffing firm you choose to work with. There are staffing firms throughout the U.S. that place candidates in a variety of different positions and industries, while other firms specialize in one or two industries (such as IT or healthcare). By finding a firm that staffs for jobs that interest you and align with your qualifications, your recruiter will be able to present you with the best employment prospects.


Now that we’ve busted the most common myths surrounding staffing firms, hopefully, you have a better understanding of the value a recruiter can bring to your job search. From finding the best fit opportunities to assisting with the application process, using a staffing firm can be a game-changer for your career!


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