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Can “Quiet Quitting” Hurt Your Future Career?

Do you feel uninspired or unmotivated at work? If you’re like many employees across the U.S., you may be engaging in “quiet quitting” – doing the bare minimum at work – without even knowing it. Unfortunately, quiet quitting can be detrimental to your career, especially if you do not make any changes. Staying in a job or mental state that’s unfulfilling will derail you from achieving major career milestones. Here are some of our best tips for combatting quiet quitting and how to prevent it from harming your future career:

Communicate your concerns.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current employment circumstances, it’s your responsibility to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your boss. Having an open and honest discussion with your manager or supervisor will allow you to express your grievances at work which may be holding you back from achieving optimal job satisfaction. Whether it’s feeling overburdened, having a poor relationship with a coworker, or simply not enjoying the projects assigned to you, the first step to combatting “quiet quitting” and experiencing greater job satisfaction is to communicate your concerns!

Take your paid time off.

Can’t remember the last time you took paid time off? If this is the case, consider taking at least a few days off to regroup and gain some mental clarity. Research shows that taking time off from work gives you the opportunity to feel recharged and refocused when you return to your job. Whether it’s an out-of-town vacation or a few days at home, carving out time away from the grind of the workplace is essential for staying well-rounded and maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

Re-evaluate your priorities.

If you believe you’ve been lacking a work-life balance, it may be time to reassess how your current job aligns with your personal priorities. For instance, feelings of being overworked or expected to perform at an unreasonable level can result in poor work performance and ultimately stunt your growth. As you re-evaluate your priorities, you can identify what’s most important to you and your career. For example, if you desire more time with your family, you may need to find another job that affords you better flexibility. Depending on your current priorities, you can redirect your attention and reframe your career goals accordingly.


With these practices, you can take control of your professional life and launch a more rewarding career moving forward. Most importantly, you’ll feel happier and more productive in your day-to-day routine!


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