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Career Check-in Time! Did You Meet Your 2022 Career Goals?

Now that this year is soon coming to a close, you may be doing some reflection on your growth and progress over the past 12 months. The end of every calendar year is a great time to do a career check-in and evaluate the goals you’ve achieved, as well as areas in which you need to improve upon moving forward. Being honest with yourself is essential for setting new goals and objectives that allow you to stay on track in the months ahead. As you check in and assess your career performance from the past year, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Did I acquire new skills?

Learning new skills is a major part of career growth, especially if you’re hoping to obtain positions of higher pay and responsibility. Thinking about the skills you’ve acquired over the past year will give you a clear sense of how well you’ve expanded your knowledge base, increased your credentials, and made yourself more marketable within your field or industry. It’s important to remember that new skills can come in many forms, such as soft skills (interpersonal abilities) and hard skills (technical or hands-on abilities). There are many ways in which you may have improved as a professional, like taking on leadership roles, spearheading projects, and fostering better relationships with others on your team. Typically, your manager or boss will discuss your skills with you during performance reviews; however, you can do your own assessment regarding your performance and how much you’ve grown in your role and at the company.

Did I expand my network?

With relationships at the core of career success, effective relationship-building and networking is a strong indicator of personal and professional growth. Considering how much you’ve expanded your network over the past year is key for evaluating your ability to connect with others at your company and industry in a meaningful way. From industry events to internal company gatherings, actively exchanging ideas with others spurs learning and development. Networking also leads to exciting opportunities, such as new job prospects, greater earning potential, and more credibility in your industry. There are many ways in which you may have expanded your network, either in-person or online. By considering the individuals whom you’ve met over the past 12 months (either in professional or social settings) and the impact they’ve had on your career trajectory, you can evaluate your networking success and steps for improving your networking efforts moving forward.

Did I take advantage of opportunities to grow?

One of the defining differences between success and mediocrity is the desire to take advantage of opportunities. Considering whether you took advantage of opportunities presented to you is a major indicator of your growth throughout the year. For instance, did you participate in an onsite training program at your company? Did you join an industry group in your community or attend a conference? Thinking about ways in which you invested in your professional success is indicative of your willingness to learn and gain new perspectives about your career at large.

Am I happy and satisfied with my career?

Your career is not just a professional journey, but a personal journey in many aspects. Asking yourself how happy and satisfied you are with your current career status is essential for doing an honest reflection of your 2022 career performance. After all, if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re doing every day, it will be very difficult to achieve more success in the future. There are many things that can cause job dissatisfaction, such as poor management, toxic workplace culture, and lack of work-life balance – all of which can significantly affect your quality of life. If you have low job satisfaction, this may signal the need to make a career shift or pivot to a new job. Doing an honest assessment of your feelings and sentiments toward your job and professional state will help you forge a more rewarding and fulfilling path in the new year.


Checking in with yourself at the end of every year can be a great way to reflect on your achievements and establish a framework for your career in the coming months. By asking yourself these questions, you can identify your specific strengths and weaknesses from the past year while setting new career goals for 2023. Most importantly, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and renewal as you look back and celebrate how far you’ve come!


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