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Career Growth as a Groundskeeper: Three Ways to Advance Yourself

Do you feel stagnant in your current groundskeeping job? There are many ways to elevate your career in groundskeeping, especially if you’re planning to explore more job prospects in the future. Taking control of your professional development and investing in yourself is possible with the right planning and dedication. If you’re striving to achieve greater career growth as a groundskeeper, here are three ways to advance yourself:

Pursue a specialized certification.

You may be surprised to learn there are a multitude of specialized certification opportunities available to groundskeepers. Depending on your skill set and areas of interest, you can explore certification programs that align most with your professional goals. There are certifications available in many areas of groundskeeping, including grounds maintenance, turfgrass management, landscape design and installation, irrigation, fertilization, and soil management, among countless others. Earning one or more certifications not only enhances your qualifications, but can increase your confidence in your current role, as well as future employment.

Become an expert in sustainable landscaping techniques.

With many companies having a growing focus on eco-friendly landscaping for their properties, investing in your knowledge about sustainable landscaping techniques can be a major asset to your groundskeeping career. There’s significant value to educating yourself about sustainable practices and principles covering the span of landscaping, such as water treatment, plant preservation, and the conservation of material resources. By having the knowledge to implement sustainable landscaping solutions, you’ll be a more appealing candidate to employers in need of this expertise.

Increase your leadership skills.

While it may not seem obvious, the most successful groundskeepers are those with leadership qualities. Many groundskeepers manage teams of workers and must delegate many tasks on a regular basis. Your ability to effectively lead others can help you obtain higher positions in the field and land better job opportunities. Some ways in which you can increase your leadership skills include improving your communication, taking on more responsibilities, training coworkers, and engaging in more collaboration.

By implementing the tips above, you’ll not only improve your qualifications but boost your marketability among employers. This can have monumental effects on your groundskeeping career, increasing your earning potential and giving you more diversified job options in the field.

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