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Defeat The Monday Blues with HH Staffing

monday blues

Defeat The Monday Blues

The best days of the week are finally here: Weekend! But when Sunday comes all you can dread would be the need to face Monday again. The thought of needing to clear those piles of work, facing your boss, going to lectures, and so on would simply kill the mood and eventually lead to the popular term of Monday Blues that we all dread.

But worry not, here are some things you can start doing on Sunday itself to ensure you Monday is bright and positive!

 1. Say “NO” to work!

Seriously, some of you are already working or in class Monday to Friday, and you still bring work home and Saturdays, so my question is do you live to work or work to live? Work is not life and it’s never ending. Take a day for yourself, clear your mind, don’t think of work, and spend some quality “You” time. After all, isn’t work-life balance something we all yearn for?

 2. Exercise and Sweat it out!

Exercising does not only ensure that your body is fit, but it also ensures that your mind is mentally healthy. So with all the stress and emotions happening from Monday to Friday, sometimes even Saturday, it’s good to let it all out, whether by hitting the gym or run a few laps at the track. Sweating it out will clear it all and prepare for the new week to come.

3. Take it slow and steady

Rushing too much will wear you out! Don’t you realize that your weekdays and even Saturdays are already a rush, from morning traffics to meeting deadlines and running errands, everything is moving so quickly. You so not need a rush Sunday too! Take it slow; let your body rest it out. If you rush it too much, it’ll hit burnout and that would definitely cause unproductively and inefficiency for a few days.

 4. Plan your week

Keeping yourself organized, and a little planning can do more good than you think. Starting your Monday all fresh and organized would give you a positive mind to tackle one task at a time and makes everything do-able. Also bear in mind that contrary to popular believes, overloading your Mondays is not productive at all as it will de-motivate you for the rest of the week if those task are not done. So take Monday light and slowly build the momentum to pick up pace.

 5. Beauty sleep matters

You already have Friday night and Saturday to party, so leave Sunday out of it. Just a simple action of sleeping early on Sunday and waking up early on Monday would ensure that you’ll wake up with a positive vibe and kick-start your week bright and fresh. Besides, it’s definitely not a good idea to oversleep on Monday and having to rush against traffic and time.


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