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Direct Hire Employment Benefits Both Florida Employers & Job Seekers

Direct Hire Employment Benefits

For many Florida companies, it can be difficult to find talented and reliable employees. The same holds true for job seekers who say it seems impossible to find a job, despite their qualifications. So, how do we connect these two groups of people together?

This is where a staffing agency, like HH Staffing, can be extremely helpful.

A staffing agency’s mission is to match talented, qualified candidates with companies who will benefit from working together. We enjoy seeing a perfect hiring match from both sides. We are equally excited for our candidates as we are for our clients when we have created a successful partnership.


How Can You Take Advantage of Direct Hire Employment Benefits?


Benefits of Dire Hire Positions for Employers

Many employers are concerned that the staffing agency will not understand their company’s culture or processes when it comes to a direct hire. We do our very best to mirror your hiring process, and each candidate we present to you will be selected with the same consideration as if you had selected the candidate yourself.

We will evaluate the job requirements and help to create the best description to reflect your Florida company. We source qualified candidates using a variety of tools and resources, including our network of expert recruiters.

There is zero risk involved. We work both with you and for you. If you choose not to hire one of our talented candidates, there is no charge to you. A fee will be charged only if we find you the right employee for your position.


Benefits of Dire Hire Positions for Job Seekers

A staffing agency can skill market you, assist you with your resume, coach you, and match you with a company that suits you and works best with your life style. We are a free service, as our passion is helping people find their new career. We want you to do well, and we want you to be proud of yourself and your work.

Upon hiring, the client chooses you to be their permanent employee. You will immediately be on the employer’s payroll, and you will become eligible for benefits, vacation days, and 401(k). Though there are no guarantees in business or in life, direct hire positions give candidates a sense of security.


Here are some of the wonderful direct hire positions that we currently have available:


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