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Do You View Temporary Staffing Employees as Subpar? Irresponsible?…Think Again

You’re a business owner, which basically means you wear a hundred diffehatsrent hats on a daily basis, and let’s face it, –it can be exhausting. Even when things are going well and running smoothly, there’s that looming question that creeps into your thoughts at least once a week. What are you going to do when you lose a key employee? Notice I said “when” not “if.” Oh, it’s going to happen. If you’ve been in business for any length of time at all, you know the routine all too well. You’re going along, making decisions, working out your marketing plan, your budgets, business meetings, and all of a sudden it happens. Sometimes you get two week’s notice, while other times it’s just a call from the receptionist, “Tom called. He has a family emergency and has to leave town. He doesn’t know when he’ll be in again.”

Does any of this sound familiar? Sure it does. Losing a key employee can feel like a wrench has just been thrown into the middle of a nicely running machine. What’s your next plan of action? Newspaper ads are ridiculously expensive, Craigslist brings in a flood of unqualified applicants to sift through, and whose going to do it? You just don’t have time for all of this.

Common Misconceptions About Temporary Staffing

Before you continue to frantically add up your losses, how about rethinking your mindset about temporary staffing? Yes, the name itself says “temporary” so you may have some misconceptions. Let’s squash some of the most common:

  • This is not the movies: Temporary staffing, also known as contracted employees still gets a bad rap in television shows and on the big screen. Oh, you’ve seen it. The jilted wife with zero skills who just wants to get into the workforce but hasn’t touched a computer keyboard in over ten years. Or how about the romantic, but sketchy drifter. He’s just rolled into town to make a new start (and escape the warrant that’s following him), so he’s looking for some temporary work to get by.
  • This is not daily hire, daily pay: Some businesses confuse temporary staffing services with daily hire, unskilled labor. Of course, this is exactly what some businesses need, but if you’re looking for office staff, leasing agents, or an administrative assistant, you may not automatically think of a staffing service. Think again.

Here’s The Real Face of Temporary Staffing

Okay, let’s clear our minds from these strange stereotypes and take a look at the real people behind a staffing service.  The main reasons individuals choose temporary assignments include:

  • They’re looking for the right fit – Often, the best and most qualified employees are looking for an opportunity where they can thrive. Temporary assignments allow them to test the waters.
  • They like the flexibility – Professionals are weighing out their options and making smarter choices today. Recent college graduates may want to work for the summer before returning to school. Highly skilled and full of proactive ideas, these individuals can be the perfect fit for a business who is down a key employee and needs immediate relief.
  • They enjoy the challenge – Adapting to new environments and situations often cultivates the most useful employees. Just imagine the benefits of hiring an administrative assistant who has already been exposed to Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.

Is Temporary Staffing the Right Fit for You?


If you find yourself constantly fearful of losing a key employee and the turmoil it can throw your business into, partnering with a staffing service is like taking out an insurance policy. Whether you’re looking for a fill-in for vacation time, leave of absence, or simply someone to fill in while you train a new employee, HH Staffing is here to take the “wrench” out of your machine and get you back to smooth operations

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