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Do Your Employees Value the Benefits You Provide?

What we consider a benefit in today’s work environment is likely different than what we’ve seen in years past. Today’s most successful companies are those who understand the trouble and tribulations that their employees have faced and offer new benefits that help tackle these newfound challenges. There are many types of benefits you can offer employees to keep them engaged, excited, and fulfilled as members of your organization. Here are some unique benefits to consider:

Free or discounted products or services. 

With many families having to budget more than before because of the pandemic, why not offer employees discounts on common household products? Remember, every employee is buying food and essentials for their home and families, such as toiletries, cleaning products, and baby items. Being able to provide some additional savings can go a long way in helping them navigate the pandemic while keeping their finances afloat. Additionally, you may consider offering your staff rewards or incentives for free services in your local area, such as meals, spa treatments, or leisure activities.

Monthly social gatherings. 

Providing fun outlets for your employees to socialize is one of the best ways to foster positive relationships and collaboration within the workplace. A monthly happy hour or luncheon can give employees something to look forward to – and serve as a break from day-to-day work demands. Whether you plan in-office or virtual events, consider including games, like trivia, PowerPoint karaoke, or charades. This can promote team building while giving your employees a stress-free gathering to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Any activity that allows your staff to connect outside of workplace demands is integral for boosting engagement and productivity.

Family-friendly initiatives.

There’s perhaps no better way to support employees than by supporting their families too. Family-friendly initiatives can be anything from paid parental leave to a “leave share” policy, which allows workers to share paid leave with their partner in the event that their partner loses employment or doesn’t have any paid time off with their job. Other types of family-oriented benefits may include providing employees with free diapers for a year, birth or postpartum doula reimbursement, or onsite childcare services. Offering family-friendly perks is a progressive way to attract new talent to your organization as families increasingly aim to integrate their work lives with their personal lives.


Updating your employee benefits programming may be one of the most powerful ways to get your staff on track for a rewarding year at your organization. If you’re hoping to grow your team in 2021, learn how a staffing partnership with HH Staffing can help.


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