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Employee Onboarding 101: Best Practices for 2023 and Beyond

Are you focused on improving your onboarding process? There are many ways to leverage your onboarding in preparing your workforce to succeed and overcome future challenges. Refining your employee onboarding process can be one of the most powerful ways to transform how your company functions from the ground up. As you revisit your current onboarding procedures and implement new initiatives, here are some of the best practices to consider for 2023 and beyond:

Streamline paperwork procedures.

There’s perhaps nothing more burdensome to onboarding than lengthy paperwork procedures, which can be stressful and tedious for new employees. By getting the paperwork process underway in advance of your onboarding program, you can provide employees the chance to complete new hire documents on their own schedule. Typically, sharing paperwork in the form of a user-friendly electronic platform is most efficient for new staff. By providing documents related to tax forms, direct deposit forms, and employee handbook guidelines ahead of time, you’ll eliminate the hassle of having to deal with this time-consuming task during onboarding.

Incorporate mentorship.

Mentorship is arguably at the heart of the most compelling onboarding programs in all industries. There are several ways to incorporate mentorship initiatives within your onboarding program, such as an assigned buddy system; peer mentoring; reverse mentorship opportunities; and virtual mentoring, among many others. Mentorship affords new employees the chance to receive valuable guidance long after onboarding is completed. This is often instrumental in the ongoing development of your staff, especially in terms of retention.

Regularly ask for feedback.

Seeking feedback about your employee onboarding is truly one of the best ways to make meaningful changes to your existing process. Generating feedback involves actively asking new employees for their specific thoughts and opinions about their onboarding experience with your company, and most importantly, reassuring them that their responses will be anonymous and won’t be used against them in any way. By receiving feedback directly from the individuals who undergo your onboarding program, you’ll have the most accurate insights for making improvements.

By putting these practices in place, you can dramatically improve your onboarding outcomes while better engaging your newest talent.


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