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Employers: What is Your Body Language Saying During Interviews?

Orlando jobsWhen it comes to interviewing candidates for Orlando jobs, there is a variety of information available on the internet to help prepare job candidates for this exciting event. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for employers and hiring managers. The truth is, however, that while candidates may be nervous, scared, or overly excited about the prospect of being hired on for a new position, hiring managers are often just as overwhelmed with emotion.

They may be nervous about interviewing new candidates, scared that they might pick the wrong employees, or even excited about the prospect of being a part of a growing company.

If you are in the process of hiring new employees, your body language could be sending red flags to the candidates you’re interviewing. If you want the interview to be a success, make sure your body language is saying what you want it to say.

Body Language and Interviewing for Orlando Jobs

  • Sweating- Sweating tells potential candidates you’re nervous. While this is a normal reaction for a high pressure situation, it doesn’t leave the candidate feeling relaxed or comfortable with you or the company. The best solution for this problem is to plan for it. Take a cup of cold water with you into the interview and hold it; this will lower your body temperature and prevent your palms from becoming too sweaty. In addition, carry a napkin or handkerchief with you so you can wipe your hands during the interview if they become sweaty. Make sure to be subtle about it, though!
  • Wildly Gesticulating- When a candidate for Orlando jobs waves his hands around while talking, it’s typical for you to assume he is either really nervous or wildly passionate about what he is saying. Unfortunately, when you, as the hiring manager do it, the candidate is much more likely to think you’re nervous and uncomfortable with interviewing them. This can disrupt their focus and make for a bad interview. To avoid this, keep your hands in your lap or at your side while asking questions.
  • Arms Folded- Folding your arms across your chest is the universal symbol for “stay away.” Doing this in an interview will make you appear disengaged and unfriendly. It’s like you’re telling the candidate, “No matter what you say or do, I’m not interested.” If they feel like they are doomed no matter what, they aren’t going to show you their best qualities.
  • Leaning- When interviewing candidates for Orlando jobs, you should sit up straight, but lean slightly forward in the chair to show them how interested and engaged you are in them. Whatever you do, though, don’t lean toward the door. This tells the candidate you’re ready to run, and they are more likely to give up on the interview before you even hear what they have to say.
  • The Bubble- Everyone has their own sense of personal space, and it is important to respect that. Stay at least 20 inches away from the potential employee to avoid entering their ‘comfort bubble.’ Getting too close will be distracting and uncomfortable for both parties.

When candidates come in for an interview, you might be nervous about making a good impression. It isn’t always what you say or the questions you ask, however, that define the success of an interview. Watch your body language and make sure it is positive, attentive, and shows how much you are engaged.


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