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Experts Say You Should Look for Candidates with These Two Qualities

Planning to scale your team throughout 2024? As you refine your hiring practices and grow your staff, a key factor to consider are the soft skills of candidates in your talent pool. While there are many skills preferred in applicants, there are only a few that truly set apart exceptional candidates from the average ones. According to many workforce experts, here are two of the most critical qualities you should look for in candidates:


With the landscape of most work environments changing at the speed of light, adaptability is by far one of the most crucial qualities any candidate should possess. From evolving software (such as advanced AI and CRM tools) to newly implemented remote or hybrid work models, employees with an ability to adapt are often able to exceed expectations in their roles and excel at meeting growing demands of the workplace. To gauge a candidate’s adaptability, consider asking them about how well they work under pressure and their approach to overcoming obstacles that arise on the job. You can also check with candidates’ references about their adaptability skills and how they’ve handled issues in their prior workplaces.


As companies face new challenges related to operations and management, they are increasingly relying on their employees to embrace these challenges in a meaningful and productive way. Employees who are willing to consistently learn new skills, collaborate with others, and work together to resolve problems play a crucial role in enabling their employers to succeed even during difficult times. Resilient employees will by far be your greatest asset for navigating hardships and ensuring optimal success within your organization.

By making adaptability and resilience a top priority when evaluating candidates, you can improve the quality of your talent, and ultimately, create a more thriving workforce that delivers the best results for your company.

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