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FALL in Love with Your Job Again

Has your job begun to feel like a chore? If your current employment has become stale or uninspiring, you’re not alone. Many employees experience a “honeymoon” stage at the start of a new job, only to encounter a down spiral of dissatisfaction over the course of several months or years. However, your level of happiness at work is largely up to you. There are many ways in which you can improve your job satisfaction and regain your happiness. As the seasons begin to change, here are some tips for how you can “fall” in love with your job again:

Find meaning in your daily routine.  

Very often, it’s easy to simply go through the motions of your job, paying very little attention to the purpose behind daily tasks. Being mindful of how your responsibilities (big or small) impact the workplace is important for finding meaning and fulfillment at your job and recognizing the difference you’re making within your team. As you begin each day, take a few moments to reflect on your intentions and how your talents can positively contribute to the goals and mission of your organization. Over time, this reflection will allow you to better connect with who you are as a professional and what you hope to bring to the workplace.

Set realistic goals. 

Making a habit of regularly setting realistic short-term and long-term goals can improve your motivation and give you a greater sense of satisfaction in your job performance. The process of goal setting is one of the best ways to consistently make improvements and keep track of how you’re progressing within your job. What’s most important is that you set goals that are achievable and can be accomplished with the right strategy and planning. For instance, if your goal is to earn a salary raise by the end of the year, consider meeting with your manager to discuss the necessary action steps for a promotion. Individuals who set and achieve goals generally experience greater career growth, and ultimately, more happiness as they meet new milestones.

Express gratitude. 

One of the most underrated ways to find greater job satisfaction is by expressing gratitude to those around you. From thanking your manager to showing appreciation to coworkers, finding opportunities to simply say “thank you” can be very uplifting when it comes to boosting your mood. In addition to increasing your happiness, research shows that gratitude can improve productivity, strengthen work relationships, and increase motivation levels. And, as if this wasn’t enough, expressing gratitude is known for improved health and wellness by promoting better sleep, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, and decreasing stress!

Communicate what you want. 

If your job isn’t giving you what you want or need, it’s time to communicate your concerns with your manager. Having an open dialogue about what you may be lacking in your position – and what you need to get to the next level of your career – is the first step to change. Remember, your manager is not a mind reader and can’t help unless you speak up. If you work for a company that values you as an employee, chances are your manager will be willing to work with you on necessary adjustments. By being proactive about discussing your needs, you can achieve a healthier, more satisfying workplace experience.

Change what you can control. 

Harnessing your power and being cognizant of what’s in your control is essential for making necessary changes in your career and life. From problem-solving to conflict resolution, your approach to communication and teamwork is up to you. If you’ve found yourself angry or upset by others at work, consider facing the problem head-on so you can come to a resolution. The longer you wait to resolve an interpersonal issue, the more resentment and angst you’ll develop, leading to poor job satisfaction. Taking stock of what is fully in your control at work – and remembering that only you dictate your actions – will empower you to be the best version of yourself.


In many ways, finding happiness in your job is about changing your perspective. Reframing your thoughts and making the decision to shift your focus to what matters is at the heart of true career satisfaction. Following the tips above will not only help you embrace your current job, but improve your quality of life. This can be transformative as you make new career moves and learn more about yourself throughout your professional journey.


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