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Finding Accounting & Finance Talent in Florida

Accounting & Finance Talent in Florida

How do we do it better?

In this blog, we go over why it is so difficult to find accounting and finance talent in Florida. We will discuss how we face these challenges head-on and provide solutions for our employers. Our approach is what sets us apart from other staffing agencies, and ultimately leads to your company’s success.

The Challenges


Pay is probably the number one challenge when it comes to attracting accounting and finance talent. People who move here from larger cities in other states find the pay in Florida is not what they are used to and often get frustrated. Not many companies have the budget for larger salaries. Possibly it’s the Sunshine tax?


We find applicants tend to fall into either one of two categories—recent graduates with very little work experience or those who are far along in their career and are considered to be overqualified. It can be a real challenge to find the sweet spot, which would be someone with 2-4 years of experience.


We find a lot of our accounting candidates lack QuickBooks experience, which is something most employers need. We suggest job seekers stay fresh on relevant accounting knowledge, and make it a point to invest in their career. Companies seem to be less willing to train these days. There is much more of a demand to hit the ground running.


Employers often have very specific desires when it comes to their next accounting and finance hire. Many companies create hybrid roles that include accounting, administrative, and HR. These functions don’t always go hand in hand. It can be a difficult combination to find, and we would recommend keeping them separate.


The Solutions


Since local accounting and finance talent is hard to find, we make sure to keep a strong presence in the community. We make it a point to network, gain referrals and word of mouth recommendations. We proactively recruit for candidates, conduct skilled searches, and participate in career fairs.


We meet with our clients face to face to get an idea on their market conditions and educate them on market standards. There is value in a solid pay structure based on experience and skills. People often leave companies because they feel underappreciated. They feel as if they are not given credit for their talents. Employers need to understand market conditions and present fair salaries.


Some employers tend to be too particular in their parameters, and we feel they are missing out on hiring some excellent employees. In terms of those candidates they deem overqualified, many seasoned accountants move to Florida wanting to scale back and have less responsibility. They have already succeeded in climbing the corporate ladder and are looking to keep busy and keep their mind and skills sharp. A plus is they don’t demand a top notch salary.

It would be beneficial for employers to be flexible in their decision making process and not to prejudge a candidate based on their resume. Meet with them one on one. We recommend that they be open-minded to different levels of experience as well.


Temping through us is a great way for employers to try someone out who is a close fit. Even if the candidate does not fit your specifications to a “T”, you may find that they are even better than you imagined. If not, there is virtually no risk to you.


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