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Five Easy Ways to Get Your Team in the Holiday Spirit This Year

As the holidays are upon us, many employers are scrambling to reach end-of-year goals, finalize annual reports, and conduct general administrative housekeeping. However, it’s important not to lose sight of the importance of employee engagement during this busy time of year. The holidays present an ideal time to show your staff appreciation and bring everyone together beyond the scope of their day-to-day jobs. If you’re hoping to increase employee morale and spread some cheer, check out these five easy ways to get your team in the holiday spirit this year:

Offer extra time off during the holidays.

During the holidays, consider offering your employees extra scheduling flexibility, paid time off (PTO), or half days. Between holiday events, shopping, and increased family commitments, offering some additional time off during the holidays can help employees better juggle their jobs with their personal lives during this hectic time. There are many ways in which you implement a system that enables your staff to take time off without disrupting the flow of work at your company. For example, you may establish a central vacation calendar in which employees can request certain days or hours off. This will ensure that all shifts are covered while employees take turns taking their PTO hours. Consider creating a system in which staff can make their requests in a seamless manner without having to coordinate with your HR or management team.

Have holiday-themed contests.

A fun and easy way to get your employees in the holiday spirit is to institute a holiday-themed contest. Some ideas may include an ugly sweater contest, a baking competition, or a holiday potluck. As an incentive, you can offer the winner a fun title and holiday-themed gift. These types of initiatives encourage everyone on your team to get involved and have some fun together, giving them a break from the daily grind of their jobs. There’s also nothing wrong with some friendly competition to ignite the holiday spirit throughout your workplace!

Organize a company-wide holiday celebration.

Giving your team an opportunity to partake in a collaborative holiday celebration is a great way to foster goodwill and provide an outlet for your employees to relax and reconnect. From catered lunches to happy hours, there are countless types of celebrations you can organize during the holidays. In addition to getting everyone in the holiday spirit, a company-wide event ends the year on a high note – promoting morale, camaraderie, and culture-building. Your employees will appreciate the chance to have fun and enjoy each other’s company in a stress-free setting. They’ll also be able to share in the holiday spirit with their coworkers which can help to build stronger, most positive relationships among everybody on your team.

How a token of appreciation.

There are many ways in which you can express appreciation for your employees during the holiday season (many of which are budget-friendly). Giving your employees a small gift, such as a coffee mug, picture frame, or box of chocolates can be a gesture of thanks that shows them they are valued members of your team. You can also customize gifts for your company, such as monogramming your logo or choosing a gift theme that’s in alignment with one of your organizational values, such as teamwork or innovation. The holiday season is the ideal time to give a gift of appreciation, no matter how big or small. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

Participate in a charitable cause.

Encouraging your employees to get involved in a charitable cause can create feelings of happiness and joy among everyone at your company. Providing an opportunity for your staff to give back – either by donating their time or money – is one of the most powerful ways to instill gratitude and connection among employees while making a difference in the lives of others. There are countless types of philanthropic and charitable initiatives, such as food and clothing drives, volunteering, or donation-based campaigns. Supporting a worthy cause drives greater happiness and satisfaction among all during the holidays, helping everyone remember what matters most.


With these ideas, you can boost the holiday spirit throughout your organization and get your employees excited about the season! Most importantly, you’ll bring your team together in a way that fosters collaboration and togetherness, which is especially meaningful during the holidays. In addition, increasing employee engagement will contribute to a more vibrant workplace culture and create a better sense of unity among your entire staff.


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