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Five Quick Tips to Prep For Your Next Interview

Feeling overwhelmed with interview prep? There’s no denying that getting ready for interviews can be just as stressful as the interviews themselves! Fortunately, there are some easy yet effective ways you can set yourself up for optimal success. Check out these five quick tips to prep you for your next interview:

Familiarize yourself with the company.

While it’s easy to become hyper-focused on the job at hand, spending some time to familiarize yourself with the company is equally important. From workplace culture to organizational values, gaining an understanding of what the employer has to offer in terms of overall work environment and opportunities will help you articulate to the interviewer how you’d personally be a fit for the team.

Formulate your own questions. 

A job interview is a two-way street, which is why you should always come to an interview with your own questions. As you do your research about the employer and consider facets of the job, think about what you need to know in order to make an informed decision for your career. For instance, do you need more information about professional development options at the company? Are you interested in remote work or flexible scheduling? Will there be any form of mentorship? Asking at least one or two intelligent questions will demonstrate interest and show the interviewer that you take the job opportunity seriously.

Prepare specific metrics about your qualifications.

Being prepared to describe your professional experience in specific terms is key for selling your credentials and making a meaningful impact on the interviewer. This involves quantifying your accomplishments and defining them by quotes, percentages, numbers, or other types of metrics. For example, if you have experience training staff, quantify this experience by explaining how many people you trained and how often you trained them.

Bring important documents.

Showing up to any interview empty-handed can quickly ruin any chance of making a strong first impression. No matter how much you’ve provided to an employer ahead of time, it’s essential to bring a couple of copies of your current resume, as well as a list of professional references. Even though the interviewer may not ask for these materials, having them on hand will be useful if these documents are requested either during or after the interview.

Take care of yourself. 

While it may sound basic, getting adequate sleep the night before an interview and having a healthy diet will play a role in your interview performance. Your physical health has a direct impact on your mental health, and being well-rested will ensure you have the energy to navigate even the most challenging interview. Proper rest and nutrition will also reduce your cortisol levels, so you feel less stressed on interview day.


By following the tips above, you’ll feel more confident going into an interview and selling your qualifications in a powerful and compelling way. Above all, you’ll demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and competence – both essential traits for success in any job!


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