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Five Reasons to Work with a Staffing Agency on Your Job Hunt

Did you start the year off with a job hunt, only to now feel deflated and unmotivated? If your search for a new position is already stagnant, it may be time to switch gears and start working smarter, not harder. Believe it or not, staffing firms can play a major role not only in helping you land a new job but enhancing your career at large. Here are five key reasons to start working with a staffing agency on your job hunt:

Strategic guidance and assistance. 

If you’re confused about what direction to take your career or simply feeling overwhelmed with the job search process, a staffing firm can be a valuable third party in providing strategic guidance and assistance with helping you make your next career move. Because staffing firms recruit individuals for a multitude of job types – including temporary, contract, and permanent – they can place you in positions that will allow you to gain relevant skills and experience for other full-time jobs down the road. For instance, if your long-term goal is to enter the property management field, a temporary job in administration may help you acquire some important transferable skills that will be necessary for eventually obtaining a job in the field. The opportunity to be employed in various capacities before committing to one industry or full-time position is one of the most appealing aspects of working with a staffing firm as you seek your next job.

Specialized expertise. 

It’s the job of staffing firms to find candidates to fulfill their clients’ workforce needs; that’s why they understand what types of positions are best suited for your set of qualifications and industry. Having the specialized expertise of a recruiter identify opportunities that align with your profile as a candidate can be instrumental in weeding out jobs that are a poor fit and finding openings that match your qualifications. Furthermore, staffing firms know what hard skills and soft skills employers are seeking in today’s candidates, giving them the inside knowledge to help you prepare for interviews in the most meaningful and productive way.

Ease and efficiency.

There’s no denying the job hunt can be tedious, often taking hours upon hours to fulfill application requirements and revise resume and cover letter materials. With a staffing firm, your recruiter will closely oversee the hiring process between you and the employer, working closely with you on completing your application and helping you strategically tailor your resume and cover letter according to the employer’s needs and interests. This streamlined process is impactful in keeping you on track to successfully complete all necessary application components, as you’ll get feedback from the recruiter on how to best showcase your experience, skills, and credentials for each specific job. In addition, you’ll be given updates throughout the hiring process from the recruiter, keeping you informed about application deadlines, interviews, and employers’ hiring timelines.

Access to more opportunities.

What many job seekers are surprised to discover from working with a staffing firm is the broader range of opportunities presented to them. Staffing firms are tapped into an entirely different realm of job openings that are often confidential and not open to the public. Because of their vast networks, there are virtually no limits for the level of exposure recruiters can offer jobseekers. From different geographic regions to specialized positions, staffing firms use their networks to connect candidates with jobs that align with their specific set of qualifications, skills, and career goals. Often this exposure may lead you to consider jobs you would never have thought about in the past, potentially becoming a major part of your professional development journey.

Networking and relationship-building.

Even if you don’t end up obtaining a job through a staffing firm, chances are you’ll make dozens of new contacts along the way. From developing relationships with the recruiters themselves to interviewing with a variety of employers, making connections with hiring professionals at different companies (and in different industries) is key to building a strong, diverse network that will propel future career growth. As you make new connections, staying in touch with recruiters and hiring professionals on social media sites like LinkedIn will serve you well moving forward.


No matter where you are in the job search process, there’s always room to improve and make better use of your time and energy. By working with a staffing firm, you’ll set yourself up for more long-term success as you navigate new employment opportunities.


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