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Five Skills of the Best Property Managers

If you’re seeking a position as a property manager, you should know that a successful career in the commercial or residential property management field is not for the faint of heart. Between supervising onsite office and maintenance staff to dealing with a multitude of tenant issues, there’s an enormous amount of stress that often comes along with a job in property management. Understanding the most important skills of a property manager will help you prepare for this type of position and enjoy a rewarding career in the process. Here’s a round-up of five of the most crucial skills and qualities needed to excel as a property manager in today’s workforce:


As one of the most paramount skills for success, communication is essential in practically every aspect of a property manager position. What separates the best property managers from the average ones is an ability to always communicate effectively with staff, contractors, tenants, and prospective residents. On a daily basis, there are a variety of matters that property managers must handle to keep their properties running as smoothly as possible. Property managers who exhibit a willingness to listen to others’ concerns, engage in conflict resolution, and address others’ complaints in a prompt manner, forge positive relationships with both staff and tenants.


Property managers have an array of responsibilities related to their property’s operations, staff supervision, and tenant relations. An ability to stay organized in every aspect of the job is critical for coordinating all workers at the complex – including office and maintenance staff – to ensure tenant satisfaction and retention. This also involves staying informed on the latest property management practices and adhering to all the most current industry regulations and guidelines. Property managers must also keep track of their property’s maintenance needs and schedule contractors to conduct appliance checks, address plumbing issues, and perform other routine maintenance as needed. Through exceptional organization and attention to detail, the most adept property managers implement management protocols and systems that keep every aspect of their property functioning at an optimal level.

Customer service. 

In the property management field, customer service is imperative for success. Property managers must always take tenants’ questions or concerns seriously, addressing them as promptly as possible. The best property managers are empathetic to tenants’ needs, working quickly to resolve problems and give them the attention they deserve as residents of the community. Being able to prioritize issues and identify the most feasible solutions demonstrates a commitment to tenants’ comfort, health, and safety on the property. Additionally, when tenants are angry or upset, making yourself available to tenants (no matter what day or time) is key to urgently fixing problems. This often involves working with reliable contractors to make repairs or perform emergency maintenance work when problems arise unexpectedly.

Sales and marketing. 

A significant part of any property manager’s job involves marketing their property to prospective tenants on a regular basis. Property managers must understand how to showcase their property in a compelling and attractive way through a variety of sales and marketing techniques. As a property manager, you’ll be expected to give property tours, facilitate private showings, and use social media to promote your property’s offerings and amenities. Developing visual collateral and coordinating advertisements in relevant media outlets is also part of the marketing function of a property manager.


Perhaps one of the most essential skills of top property managers is a willingness and ability to adapt to change in the face of uncertainty. When managing any property, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye. As a property manager, you must be open to embracing the unknown and taking on challenges as they come your way. From weather damage on your property to unruly tenants, there are countless fires you’ll have to put out almost daily. Having an adaptable mindset will help you “expect the unexpected” and view obstacles on the job as opportunities to improve. Most importantly, you’ll learn from your mistakes and become a manager who can quickly shift gears to meet the needs of staff and tenants.


There’s no denying that not all property managers are made equal! Property managers who possess the qualities and traits above tend to be best suited for a successful and lucrative long-term career in the field, with high earning potential and personal fulfillment. A focus on developing these skills will not only make you a more competitive candidate, but help you stand out from the competition as you grow in the property management industry.


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