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Five Things Driving Away Your Top Talent

Does it seem like your company has a revolving door? If you’re constantly overturning talent, there are many factors that may be at play. Almost every employer has room for improvement; however, a continual loss of top talent at an organization can certainly raise some red flags. Understanding why employees are leaving – and taking action to address these reasons – can improve almost every aspect of your organization from the ground up. Employers that make talent retention a priority generally have better staff engagement, higher morale, and a more productive work environment. As you consider what may be driving away talent at your company, here are some of the most common contributing factors:

Poor workplace culture.

Workplace culture has always been paramount to employee retention, but it’s become even more important in recent years as workers have more options than ever before. A toxic, uninspiring culture can quickly cause employees to quit and explore other work environments. Reassessing your company’s culture on a regular basis is key to fostering a sense of collaboration and inclusiveness, as well as building trust and morale among your entire team. Even with the rise of remote work, implementing culture-enhancing initiatives, such as weekly team meetings or monthly social gatherings, gives employees the necessary outlets to connect with one another and have their ideas and opinions heard.

Lack of sufficient onboarding and training.

As employees begin their careers with your company, it’s essential to provide them with the fundamental knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. Interactive and engaging training sessions allow new staff to get off on the right start as they acclimate to their new work environment. There are many innovative ways to deliver effective onboarding and training programs, including virtual videos, teambuilding games, and blended learning techniques. Implementing at least one of these types of training methods will provide employees with a positive experience possible as they get their jobs underway. Additionally, providing ongoing training and development to staff on a regular basis (such as monthly or bi-annually) will keep them current and refreshed on company policies and practices.

Offering little to no career advancement. 

To attract and keep the best talent, it’s essential to offer and communicate career advancement opportunities from within your organization. Your most qualified and proficient employees will likely be seeking ways to grow their skillsets and take on more responsibilities to further prove their value. There are several ways to showcase to employees how they can leverage their current jobs for future success. Some career development initiatives may include onsite trainings or certification programs, mentorship programs, continuing online education, and industry memberships. Empowering employees to participate in these initiatives will help them ownership of their professional development while incentivizing them to continue growing at your organization.

Not promoting a corporate mission or purpose.

The most successful companies are those that not only have a core mission but communicate it to their staff. The decisions, actions, and behaviors of your leadership team can strongly impact how you’re perceived as an employer, directly impacting staff retention. Motivated and driven employees aren’t solely seeking a job or paycheck; they desire to be part of an organization with a sense of purpose. Your company’s mission can be promoted and reinforced in many ways, such as through internal staff communications; meetings or gatherings; and marketing channels. Integrating company values into every aspect of employee communications will emphasize your company’s commitment to its people that goes beyond the workforce, but its impact on the community and world.

No recruitment and hiring strategy.

If you’re hiring the wrong people, you’re already setting the stage for employees to leave your company. Failing to have a viable recruitment and hiring strategy can be detrimental to the quality of your workforce, leaving your organization vulnerable to “fly-by-night” talent that may not be committed to working at your company for any meaningful length of time. Furthermore, recruiting and hiring without a strategy in place can often result in the hiring of unqualified individuals who are ill-equipped with the skills or credentials to fulfill your needs. A staffing firm can execute a recruitment strategy that aligns with your company’s workforce goals with talent that demonstrates long-term potential.

If your organization is guilty of any of the above, it’s time to make some major changes! While employee retention is an ongoing process, taking steps to reverse harmful practices can be impactful in refining talent development efforts.


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