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Five Habits to Break This Year

Did you set new year’s resolutions for 2022? If you’re like many people, you may have already let your resolutions go out the window. However, it isn’t too late to evaluate your current circumstances and consider what meaningful changes you can make both in your career and personal life. In many cases, breaking some bad habits can transform your life and set the stage for progress in the future. If you’re hoping to be more successful this year, here are five habits to break this year immediately:

Neglecting your health. 

While you’ve probably heard about the importance of work-life balance, you may still find it challenging to maintain your health while keeping your professional life afloat. However, making your health a top priority is key for optimal health – especially when stress levels are high. No matter how busy you are with your job, it’s imperative to integrate health and wellness into your daily routine. Nutrition, exercise, and taking time off will help you strike a positive balance between your work and personal commitments, giving you mental clarity and renewed energy to continue performing your best in all areas of your life.

Failing to invest in yourself.

When it comes to career and personal success, investing in yourself is essential. From your professional development to personal growth, you cannot excel without continually reassessing your strengths and weaknesses, and then establishing a plan to improve. You can invest in your future success by identifying areas you need to improve upon, and finding opportunities to further your abilities, skills, and confidence. For example, if there’s a part of your job that’s difficult, you may discuss with your boss various online courses or certification options that can help you learn about this particular topic or subject area. Or, if you struggle with time management and are constantly running late, you might use a coach to help you set goals and stay accountable to your schedule.

Working when you’re sick.

If you take time off from your job when you’re sick, it’s imperative that you remove yourself from your work and make sure to get enough rest. Paid sick time is given for a reason – to give you the time you need to get better and recover from illness! While it may be tempting to keep working, chances are you’ll be less productive when you’re feeling sick, and it will take you longer to regain your energy so you can fully return to work. The bottom line? When you’re not feeling well, get your rest and refrain from engaging in work-related activities. And, if you’re struggling to take sick time or feel pressured by your employer to keep working on sick days, it’s best to speak with your boss about your concerns. There’s no reason why you should feel compelled to continue performing your job when you’re physically or mentally incapable.

Not making time to network.

No matter how secure you feel in your current job or profession, networking is key to continual growth as you eventually look to advance and move into higher-paying positions. Making time in your schedule to regularly network and grow your contact base will play a tremendous role in your ability to land new jobs and gain access to employers. There are many ways in which you can engage in effective networking, including attending events, speaking at industry conferences or symposiums, utilizing social networking sites like LinkedIn, and scheduling one-on-one meetings with colleagues to exchange ideas and share your goals. If you’ve let networking fall to the wayside, it’s time to make a plan that allows you to realistically network every month and continue building your list of contacts.

Staying in the wrong job.

If your current job stresses you to the max or is simply not the right fit, it’s time to make a change! Staying in the wrong job for months or years on end can be harmful for many reasons, stunting your professional growth and taking its toll on your physical and mental health. While it can often feel overwhelming to make a career switch, there are steps you can take to make the process easier. For example, utilizing the services of a staffing firm can help immensely in leveraging your qualifications to find the best types of job opportunities. From providing customized application assistance to strategizing your job search, a recruiter can play a vital role in a successful career transition.

By breaking the habits above, you’ll be well on your way to a more productive and fulfilling year! Most importantly, you’ll feel more empowered as you take control of your life and experience greater satisfaction both at home and work.


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