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Ready to Look for a New Job? Five Tips for Getting Organized

Are you ready to jump ship at your current company and look for a new job? While a new job may be a great decision for your career, some preliminary organizing and preparation can help you make a smoother transition to new employment. Before embarking on your job hunt, here are five tips for getting organized:

Update your resume and online profiles.

One of the first major steps to preparing for a job search is to update your resume and online profiles to reflect your current qualifications, goals, and objectives. Professional social media sites like LinkedIn also give you the option to state whether you’re seeking new job opportunities. Updating all your profiles according to your career status is key to educating others in your network about your job hunt and generating leads for new opportunities.

Prepare your list of references.

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked for a new job, you may not have a current reference list. Before your job search, it’s important to prepare a list of at least three professional references you can provide employers and use on your job applications. Typically, colleagues, former bosses, and educators or instructors are ideal references to speak on your behalf.

Consider additional education or training.

Depending on the type of job you’re hoping to obtain, you may need to obtain a new certification or credential. Before you start applying for jobs, it’s best to assess what additional qualifications are needed and pursue any necessary education or training. From online courses to apprenticeships, there are many types of learning and development programs that can enhance your qualifications.

Devise a transition plan.

During the process of switching jobs, there’s always some level of transition involved. From retirement plan rollovers to healthcare insurance gaps, it’s essential to do this type of “housekeeping” before you make the move to a new employer. As you make the transition, you may need to seek guidance and advice from a financial or health insurance professional who can assist with your needs or concerns.

Set some goals for your job search.

It’s helpful to set some goals for what you’re hoping to achieve from your job search. Whether it’s a higher-paying position, better workplace culture, or improved work-life balance, defining your core objectives for seeking a new job will allow you to make the best decisions for your career moving forward.


By following these tips, you can gear up for your job search in a productive way, while experiencing less stress and anxiety in the process!


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