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Working Full-time this Summer? Five Tips to Make the Most of It

If you’re a working professional, it’s safe to say summer may not feel quite like it did when you were a kid. While working full-time during the summer may not always be the ideal situation, there are ways in which you can make the most of it – even during the most challenging days. Embracing your time off, connecting with others, and focusing on your personal growth can all play a role in helping you enjoy the summer while improving your quality of life on many levels. Here are five ways in which you can make the most of your summer while working a full-time job:

Invest in yourself.

Have you wanted to acquire a new skill or ability? The summer is a great time to learn something new and invest in your growth and development. This is because the flexibility and laid-back nature of the summer season can provide the flexibility and freedom you need to pursue a new interest without enormous time constraints. Whether it’s taking a professional course, attending a conference, or earning a certification, there are countless ways to invest in yourself, even while working full-time. Furthermore, using your time wisely to enhance your credentials will demonstrate to your employer a commitment to career growth and advancement within your industry.

Get social. 

Making more connections at work can be a wonderful way to reduce stress and have more fun on the job. The summer is a great time to do activities with others outside the confines of your work setting. Getting to know others at your organization can help you grow your network and provide more social outlets during the workday. Lunch outings, after-hours happy hours, and outdoor walks can help to break up your week and give you a chance to socialize with coworkers beyond your physical office space. Some of your coworkers may even become close friends whom you develop personal relationships with over time.

Maximize your time off.

Maximizing your time off during the summer can boost your happiness and give you a chance to go on extended vacations with family or friends. Depending on your employer’s policy, you may have the opportunity to connect paid time off (PTO) with holidays or long weekends. This can give you a chance to take longer periods of time away from work, which can often be helpful for reducing burnout and improving your mental health and well-being. The key is to plan your time off well in advance so you can get your days approved by your employer and make personal arrangements such as out-of-town trips and other accommodations accordingly.

Make plans during the week.

Sometimes the weekdays can seem long and boring during the summer if work is all you’re doing. Making fun plans during the week – such as dinner with a friend or a club sports outing – can keep you motivated and boost your mood, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed at work. Weekday plans can give you something to look forward to, helping you stay well-rounded not just as a professional, but as a whole person. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas during the week, consider establishing a regular workout routine at the gym or joining a book club or community group. Remember, regular activities can make a big difference when it comes to providing outlets and creating more diversions during the week. Don’t take your work home with you.

Though it’s easy to complain about work to your partner or family members at the end of each day, it’s far better for your mental health to avoid bringing work problems or drama home with you – especially during the summer when everyone is focused on fun and relaxation. Even if you’re unhappy in your current position, rather than waste mental energy talking about how much you hate your job, consider shifting your mindset or using your time to find a new position. Negative energy surrounding your job can have a harmful effect on your home life, as well as your health. Finding opportunities and outlets in which you can make meaningful changes to your career will be much more beneficial than constantly obsessing about what you can’t control.


By embracing the right mindset, working full-time during the summer doesn’t have to feel long and tedious. In fact, with the tips above, you can enjoy a fulfilling and productive summer while prospering in your career!


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