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Florida Businesses: Social Media & Recruiting Go Hand in Hand.

Why You Should Utilize Social Media In Recruiting

HH BossHi readers, I am Karen Rehn, CEO of HH Staffing Services in Sarasota Florida. I have over 26 years of staffing experience and spend many hours a week consulting with our client and job seeking population. I blog daily on the hottest issues in your industries and work hard to spread my experiences with customers, college grads, job seekers, local businesses and organizations. Ask The Boss is a great outlet for our job seekers and customers to write in and ask direct questions to problems they are currently encountering. One of HH Staffing’s trusted clients wants to know how to use social media to recruit qualified candidates in Florida. Here are some great tips!

Utilizing social media in a creative way increases your chances of recruiting talented candidates to grow and lead your Florida business. Put the rumors aside – there is NO shortage of talent in today’s market. There are however a lot of competition for great candidates. How do you continuously drive talented people towards your company brand?

Lets take a look at how social media comes into play. For starters there are multiple social media channels to help with your search of top candidates. Why social media? Well, social media aids in building a company presence, to format your advertisement and drive traffic to your company once you have a job opening.

Here are a few things to consider when considering social media.

  1. Do you have a professional website? Whether you have frequent job openings or you have few, candidates are driven to your website from your job openings. Does your website do a great job of promoting your brand and company culture? Develop a career page on your website that will work as a database to store potential candidates. Make sure your application process is seamless and it is easy to upload a resume and go. When you have an open position first check your database – someone great may have already applied to a past job opening. You may find some great talent right at your fingertips.
  2. Use all social media channels. To target the talent you want, utilize all different social media channels. Job boards do work—but with the cost of recruiting your company would benefit from a tighter focus.Your company may already use LinkedIn to gather the credentials of applicants. Join up or create new LinkedIn groups that drive the talent your Florida business is seeking.  You want to build a buzz around your Florida business even if you do not have any current job openings.  When you do have an opening candidates will already be familiar with your company and the culture you wish to create. One report states 58 percent of job seekers are looking on Twitter for job openings.  Obtain resources that keep your content fresh and will help you establish a solid online presence. When you have an available position, you gain through the advanced work.
  3. Referrals-Word of mouth-Referrals. Ask current employees of your company for referrals and encourage them to post on your current social media sites. The best recruiters in your company are engaged, satisfied employees.
  4. SEO is the way to go. Do you have focused concise job descriptions for your current open positions? Look to optimize key words – this increases the chances a candidate will find your job opening.
  5. Mind your social media manners. Keep fresh content and be sure your postings are up to date. If a job opening is filled be sure to take it down off all sites to include job boards. Also be sure your applicant tracking software is creating timely and professional responses for candidates that are applying to your job openings. You never know when a candidate will come in handy for future positions so be sure their experience is a pleasant one.

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