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Four Key Productivity Practices to Implement at Work

Does every day at work feel the same? Are you sick of feeling like you can never catch up? If you’re always trying to tackle a never-ending to-do list, you may be working hard but not efficiently. Sometimes the simplest changes can result in exceedingly positive outcomes for your daily productivity. If you’re hoping to increase your performance and motivation at work, check out these four productivity practices:

Establish small objectives daily.

Without small objectives, it’s very difficult to set priorities and stick to a plan. Rather than creating large, monumental goals, it’s far more effective to establish smaller objectives that are realistic and time-driven. For instance, if you’re tasked each day with completing paperwork, responding to customer emails, or fulfilling administrative duties, writing down objectives related to these tasks will keep you motivated and focused on your agenda without feeling overwhelmed.

Set time blocks in your schedule.

Scheduling blocks of time to complete seemingly small items is essential for keeping yourself productive and staying on track throughout the day. There are countless scheduling apps that can assist with this, or you can simply go the old-fashioned route with a notebook or planner. Typically, time blocks of 30 or 60 minutes are ideal for giving yourself adequate timeframes to realistically complete assignments. With time blocking, you’ll have a visual blueprint of your schedule each day and a designated timeframe for completing each project.

Limit interruptions.

While it’s certainly easier said than done, limiting interruptions can play a major role in your ability to stay productive. Simple things like putting your cell phone away or staying off social media apps can have a huge impact on your time management, helping you stay focused on your assignments so you’re not diverting your attention to other distractions. Even if you don’t think your screen time is derailing your work performance, consider tracking how much time you spend looking at your phone. Chances are you’ll be surprised at how much time you’re wasting at work!

Take regular breaks.

Being diligent about blocking off your schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking regular breaks throughout the day. You may even find it beneficial to block off time specifically for your breaks! There’s no reward given to those who plow through their day without taking some time to regain their mental clarity. Taking your lunch break, as well as at least two 15-minute breaks throughout the day, is essential for maintaining momentum in your job so you can perform your best and prevent burnout.


Though there’s no perfect science to staying productive 100 percent of the time, applying the practices above to your workday can help tremendously. From improved performance to increased job satisfaction, these hacks will keep you energized throughout your entire workday!


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