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Gain Experience through Temp Jobs

Temp Jobs

This may be old news, but temp jobs are definitely underrated!

Temporary work refers to an employment opportunity where the arrangement is only for a certain time period, based on the needs of the employer. Temp jobs generally last anywhere from one day to three months. However, there are longer term temporary assignments that can span anywhere from 6 to 9 months or more, depending on the client.

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), there are 2.91 million people employed by staffing companies each day and 11.5 million temporary and contract workers hired by U.S. staffing firms every year.

Most job seekers realize temporary positions are available, but many do not take advantage of these arrangements. People often overlook temp work, as they are looking for the security of a long-term assignment. However, there are lots of benefits to temping.

As one of the leading temp agencies in Florida, we weigh in on the positives of gaining experience through temp jobs. Enjoy!

Add Skills to your Resume

Whether you are switching careers or just starting out, temping is a great way to obtain relevant skills to include on your resume. It is an excellent way to get your foot in the door to a long term career by showing your value as an employee.

Try a New Field

Accepting a temporary position with a company allows you to try a whole new field or industry. A short term assignment can help to determine if you enjoy a specific line of work or if you like a particular organization.

Fill in Employment Gaps

A temp job allows you to keep working between periods of unemployment. We know “job hopping” can be frowned upon, but an employer would rather see that you are working versus gaps in your employment history. Naturally, it is also beneficial for you to have a source of income during your job search.

Less Risk to You

By working with a temp agency, there is less risk to you. You are able to work for a short term period of time before making a commitment. You can essentially take a job out for a “test drive” to see if it may be a good fit for you and the employer.

Leads to Permanent Employment

Many short term jobs lead to long term employment, which would be considered temp to hire. In fact, about 60% of all temp jobs at our company do end up going permanent.

Temporary agencies, like HH Staffing, can be an excellent resource for you looking to make changes to or jump-start your career. Contact our expert recruiters today for assistance with your job search!


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