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Hey College Students! 5 Ways You’re Setting Yourself up for Job Failure

College StudentsLike most college students, you expect your higher education to play an important role once you take off your cap and gown. A degree should make finding the career of your dreams an easy task, right? According to a report by StudentAdvisor.com and Millennial Branding, it may not be. The study shows college students, just like you, aren’t taking the right steps to prepare for jobs post-college and are experiencing serious consequences as a result.

What Mistakes Are You Making?

It’s time for a reality check. As your college days come to a close, here are just a few critical issues you will be facing in the future.

  • Timing- Many students plan their college course schedules so they only attend classes in the afternoon or on certain days of the week. While this may allow some to work part-time or sleep in whenever they want, it makes it very difficult to adjust to a regular work schedule after graduation. Too many times hitting the snooze button will almost guarantee a spot in the unemployment line. Start preparing for a 40 hour workweek now to avoid the shock of waking up early five days a week after college.
  • Professionalism- In college, acting crazy and irresponsible is simply a rite of passage. It’s pretty much expected. Sure, your professors hold you accountable for attending classes, studying, and earning excellent grades, but when you show up late one day or have a bad attitude, the only consequence you are going to face is a poor grade or a long lecture. If you do this once you are employed, you are at an immediate risk to losing your job. While your college experience may provide you with the knowledge you need to perform a task, you aren’t necessarily learning how to be dependable, a team player, and a self-starter unless you take the initiative and seek out those skills.
  • Personal Branding- As technically-savvy as most college students are, the majority don’t understand the first thing about personal branding. They don’t realize how important standing out is, or how to ensure their name is on the lips of every firm and company in Florida. Before you even graduate, making a name for yourself is essential. Start by creating your own business cards, professional blog, personal domain name, and signing up on professional networking websites.
  • Social Media- Social media is a way to connect and stay in touch with friends and family members, but it is also a valuable tool when preparing for Tampa Bay jobs. According to the report above, 95 percent of students have Facebook accounts, almost half have Google+ and Twitter accounts, but only 34 percent have a profile on LinkedIn. Many just don’t understand that a vibrant, professional social media presence can impact their future jobs. Taking advantage of the various social media platforms to create a professional presence online is an essential step to take both during and after college.

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