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Hey, We Need to Talk – 4 Ways to Improve Workplace Communication

workplace communication

Do you consider yourself to be an effective communicator? Do you have a way with language or do you stumble over your words? Perhaps you believe you are communicating well, but in reality others often misunderstand you.

Below are some no-nonsense suggestions and philosophies to assist you in getting your point across more easily at the office. We hope you find them helpful. So, without further a-do, let’s get started!


Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

1) Be Direct, Concise and to the Point

Vagueness and misunderstanding seem to be all too common in the workplace. However, one can easily learn to communicate more effectively by spelling it all out – like a reporter might do – and providing the who, what, when and, why. It should be cut and dry.

A boss may say, ‘Why haven’t you sent that report to me yet? I need it now!” But a more effective way to communicate the message would be to say, “Would you please have that report on my desk by 5 p.m. on Friday.” It’s polite, to the point, and it provides a specific deadline.


2) Avoid Being Long-Winded

Similar to being direct, concise, and to the point, this little tip is an important one to remember. People do not need to know every single thing that you know when it comes to workplace communication. Try to pick out the most crucial points you would like to make clear to your audience.

What should an employee say when their boss asks why a project is not completed? Most likely their boss will not appreciate a lengthy explanation about how their hard drive crashed after their baby cousin was playing with their laptop, and how they have half of the material saved on a jump drive, and so forth… Instead just keep it brief and be honest.


3) Recognize Attitude & Tone are Important

Your attitude while speaking to someone is key, as it is not just your words that convey the message. It is also about your body language, eye contact, and tone of voice. Try not to fidget or shuffle your feet. Give the person your full attention.

At the very least put away your phone!


4) Remember That it is Not Always About You
Keep in mind that the world doesn’t completely revolve around you. If you are open-minded and take into consideration other perspectives and opinions, you may find it much easier to convey your own message. Try to ask open-ended questions, which can help clarify what the other person is trying to say.

If you are having trouble with communicating with someone, you could try asking “I am not sure I quite understand what you are saying. Would you be able to give me an example?”

A couple additional tips when it comes to workplace communication would include not gossiping with co-workers, which may identify you as someone not to be trusted. Don’t beat around the bush, as they say, and get to the point quickly, especially if you are delivering bad news.


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