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Are You Hirable? 7 Traits That Turn Employers Off

Are You HirableHow do you make a good 1st impression with a potential employer?

Whether you are looking for part-time, full-time, or temporary work, it is very important to prepare yourself for the interview. One should be concerned about making a good first impression with the employer. You may not be aware of little quirks that might, for whatever reason, turn off the interviewer.

Based on our many years of experience as Florida recruiters, here are certain mannerisms that you should be cautious about when you go to an interview.

1. The Way You Dress

Whether you are interviewing for a large corporation or a more casual job, it is important to look polished and put together. You do not necessarily have to wear a suit and tie, but we do not recommend you wear an old t-shirt or torn up jeans. Wearing a nice professional outfit shows respect to the interviewer.


2. Preparedness

When someone comes to an interview unprepared it can be an immediate turnoff. Make sure you come in a little bit early, bring a copy of your resume, and do your research. At the very least skim their website and get a general idea of the company’s mission.


3. Arrogance

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Keep in mind that the company is looking to hire someone to fill their open position, not tell them what they should be doing. Interviewers may view you as difficult to work with if you come across as condescending.


4. Deceptiveness

It is critical that everything on your resume is factual. Fluffing up the wording a bit on your resume is expected, but blatantly lying about your qualifications is just wrong. Being untrustworthy does not work for any relationship whether it is professional or personal.


5. Disrespectfulness

It is essential that you come across as friendly, courteous, and well-mannered. This includes your interactions with the secretary, any current employees you come in contact with, and the interviewer. If you are not respectful to others before you even get the job that sends up a big red flag and your chances of being hired are slim.


6. Timeliness

This goes along with being prepared, but we must stress how important it is to show up on time as a respect to the interviewer. Lateness conveys unprofessionalism and a lack of foresight. If you have a legitimate reason for canceling, you may reschedule your interview. However, asking to reschedule repeatedly or not showing up at all is unacceptable.


7. Overall First Impression

Make it a point to come into your interview with a warm and genuine smile, a firm handshake, and a positive attitude. Be as courteous as possible and be sure to thank your interviewer for their time.


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