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How Do You Ask for a Raise?

Ask for a Raise

May I please have a raise?

As one of the best staffing agencies in Florida, we go over some ways to ask for a raise in your current position. We hope this helps to give you the confidence you need to get what you deserve!


They say “timing is everything.” When it comes to asking for a raise, this is certainly true. If your company is having a slow period or is on a tight budget, maybe it’s not the best time to ask. You may also take into account your boss’s mood and the general tone in the office.

A good time to ask for a raise is when your job description changes, you’re consistently over performing, or you are underpaid. According to research Mondays are not a good day to request an increase in pay and Friday morning would probably be your best bet.

Make Sure It’s Deserved

Are you meeting and exceeding expectations? Have you made a measurable contribution to your organization? Check your progress against your original job description. Have tangible accomplishments you can show to your boss. Prove your worth and identify specific ways you have helped your company.

Do Your Research

Before you ask for a raise, do a little research. What does someone in a position similar to yours make? Figure out your market value and account for your location. Sites such as Glassdoor and Salary.com can assist you in comparing your job title and responsibilities with others in your field.

Just Do It

Sometimes you just have to rip off the Band-Aid. The answer is always no, unless you ask. It can be hard to work up the courage to ask for a raise, but what do you really have to lose? Proactive communication can often get you what you need.

If it’s a “No”, Seek Benefits

It’s very possible that when you ask for a raise, your boss will say ‘no’, so be prepared. Perhaps you can request benefits or perks as compensation. Asking for a more flexible schedule or the option to occasionally work from home are also great ideas.


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