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How to Appeal to Generation Z Candidates

Are you in the process of revamping your company’s recruitment and hiring approach? With Generation Z now making up over 20 percent of the workplace, it’s critical for employers to refine talent development efforts to effectively appeal to this generation. Generation Z, those born between 1995 and the early-mid 2000’s, are especially unique in the fact that they grew up in a heavily digital world. In many ways, companies must refocus employee engagement to better engage these individuals. Here are some core workplace and talent development practices that can help employers appeal to Generation Z candidates:

Offer and promote flexibility.

While the concept of flexibility has certainly generated a lot of attention over the past year, it has proven to be even more important in the eyes of Generation Z candidates. Generation Z is accustomed to flexibility in practically every aspect of their lives, as they are used to performing almost every aspect of their day-to-day responsibilities virtually, such as shopping, banking and schooling. Creating a work environment in which employees can choose their hours or shifts will resonate well with these candidates who are used to fulfilling responsibilities on their own terms and timelines.

Create a tech-centered work environment. 

It’s safe to say Generation Z is the most technologically forward-thinking generation to date. Unlike their millennial counterparts (and every other generation preceding them), Generation Z candidates have always known a world filled with technology. From smartphones to tablets, these candidates rely largely on technology to help them perform their daily tasks and work commitments. Equipping your company with the latest technology and embracing a tech-driven atmosphere will make it easy for Generation Z candidates to more easily adapt and acclimate to your workplace.

Praise regularly.  

Because Generation Z is used to being praised and recognized regularly for their accomplishments, companies that make sure their employees feel valued will fare better at attracting and retaining these candidates. Making a point to acknowledge staff for even small milestones or achievements can go a long way in keeping this generation motivated to perform at a high level. Initiatives that show appreciation, such as personal notes or team events and celebrations, will demonstrate to these employees that their talents matter and make a difference within the company.


With the right approach, appealing to Generation Z candidates does not need to be complicated. Implementing the practices above will not only serve to actively engage this generation, but every potential and current employee who interacts with your company.


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