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4 Tips to Help you Ask for a Raise

Do you feel you’re deserving of pay raise, but struggling to ask your boss the big question? With inflation in the U.S. being at an all-time high, you may be hesitating to bring up the subject of a raise at work. However, despite global economic turmoil, it’s important to remain an advocate for yourself – especially when it comes to your career and future earnings. Remember, your boss is not a manager. It’s your responsibility to initiate a meaningful conversation with your boss about a pay raise. By reflecting upon your performance and communicating your value as a team member, you can proactively demonstrate your impact to your employer. Here are some key tips for asking your boss for a raise:

Schedule a meeting with your supervisor.

While you may be anxious to ask about a raise, the way in which you communicate your inquiry is very important. Be sure to avoid catching your supervisor off guard, and instead, aim to schedule a designated time in which you can discuss your pay. This will ensure your supervisor is prepared to have this discussion with you and address any questions or concerns regarding your salary. In some cases, this meeting may coincide with a performance review (if this is the case, you can have this discussion during your review). However, in other cases, it may be necessary to schedule a separate meeting so you can have a private conversation about your pay at a time when it’s convenient for both you and your boss.

Do your research. 

There are many factors involved with salary, which is why it’s critical to do your research before broaching this subject with your boss. Some factors include the type of position, industry, location, credentials, and experience level – just to name a few. Assessing these factors and considering your own personal qualifications and accomplishments is essential for setting realistic salary expectations and asking for a reasonable and fair raise. Some of your research may involve reviewing average salaries in your region, as well as your personal qualifications. You should also consider any areas of advancement or improvement you’ve demonstrated during your employment with the company. Once you’ve done your research, it’s helpful to write down your strengths and assets, so you’re prepared to clearly communicate them to your boss.

Focus on your value.

When asking for a raise, it’s critical to go beyond your core accomplishments and think deeply about your value as an employee. There are both qualitative and quantitative ways to show your value, which will reinforce your contributions to your employer. For example, have you built strong relationships with other team members that have resulted in the completion of successful projects? Have you trained new employees? Do you consistently exemplify strong interpersonal abilities with customers or clients? Have you increased sales at your company by a certain percentage each year? Depending on your individual achievements, you can identify your unique value in a way that resonates with your boss and reinforces your worth to the organization.

Ask for feedback and stay professional. 

Even if you’re not given a raise, a commitment to professionalism is essential – and there may very well be other opportunities for a pay increase in the future. Always show gratitude to your boss for their time and consideration, as well as communicate your continued interest in a raise moving forward. In this instance, one of the best things you can do is ask for feedback about your performance and how you can continue advancing with the organization. This will show your boss that you’re committed to your professional growth and willing to make changes to further your career. Asking specifically what steps you should take to achieve your desired salary will allow for both of you to establish shared expectations for your performance in the months and years to come.


The future of your salary depends on your ability to seek higher pay and showcase your value to your employer, no matter how difficult this may seem. Though asking for a raise during times of inflation can certainly be intimidating and stressful, following the tips above can help tremendously. Making an effort to strategize the way in which you ask for a raise, as well as being mindful of how you communicate with your boss, can often impact the trajectory of your earnings over time. Above all, you’ll feel more confident and empowered as you continue embarking on your professional journey.


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