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How to Build Trust with Your Employees

If morale at your company seems low, there are likely many factors at play. However, a lack of trust is often one of the biggest culprits of unhappy employees and high turnover. Uncovering ways in which you can proactively build trust within your organization is the first step to better employee engagement, and ultimately, a more people-centered culture. Here’s how your leadership team can start building trust:

Ask your employees what’s important to them. 

At the core of trust is the ability for leaders to understand what’s most important to their employees. Asking your people what they value and what they want from their experience at your organization is essential for creating an environment focused on trust. For example, if you learn that your employees desire more learning and development, you can establish initiatives that allow them to continually grow professionally and immerse themselves further within the organization. The empowerment and motivation that comes with employees’ growth will stem from the trust that’s developed by taking their thoughts, opinions, and values seriously.

Promote two-way communication. 

One of the most impactful elements of an organization that breeds trust is fluid communication. Promoting open, two-way communication between managers and employees is necessary for building honest and transparent relationships among all parties. Employees who know their voices are being heard will naturally be more comfortable expressing themselves. Communication is often the core building block to trust, serving as an essential component in successful and productive manager-employee relationships. Your leadership team can promote better communication by providing constructive feedback to staff on a regular basis; scheduling weekly team meetings; and exhibiting a high level of emotional intelligence.

Encourage leadership at the employee level.

Elevating your employees into leadership positions can be instrumental in their sense of connection to your organization. Whether it’s obtaining a leadership role in a department or taking the lead on a project or assignment, giving employees the opportunity to manage new tasks and accept greater responsibilities builds their confidence and demonstrates that you trust in their abilities to perform at a high level. Training your managers on how they can promote leadership is essential for ensuring employees are given equal opportunities to utilize their skills and achieve their greatest potential. Over time, fostering leadership in employees develops a sense of accountability that, in return creates a deeper level of trust.

Value employees’ talents and achievements.

When you recognize employees for their talents, abilities and achievements, you’re reminding them that they’re valued members of your organization. There are many ways to celebrate your employees’ accomplishments and milestones, which can be impactful in bringing your team together and increasing morale. Some initiatives may include sharing success stories in company newsletters or social media channels, organizing staff functions and social gatherings, and offering bonuses or gifts. It’s important to celebrate both individual milestones and group milestones, as this reinforces to staff that their contributions in their roles – and collectively as a group – are integral to the success of your organization. And, remember, not every recognition needs to consist of a major event. Sometimes, verbal praise of a “job well done” can be just as meaningful to an employee who has worked hard to get their manager’s approval.

Lead with a mission.

Leading with your mission at the forefront of all decision-making is a powerful way to generate goodwill among your team. Your mission, which should encapsulate what your company stands for, provides a framework for your company’s values and how employees are treated. By incorporating aspects of your mission in every decision, your leaders will show a commitment to leading with integrity that will resonate with every member of your team, from entry-level workers to top executives. This will not only strengthen relationships with current staff, but enhance your appeal as an employer to future candidates.

Embrace a people-centered culture.

At the heart of most thriving companies is a commitment to their people. A people-centered culture, which inherently is driven by trust among all parties of an organization, is built by valuing people over processes, exhibiting empathy to employees’ concerns; and implementing policies that promote collaboration and teambuilding. A culture centered around its people creates strong bonds between employees and their managers, allowing for the meaningful exchange of questions and ideas that ultimately result in growth.


It requires a series of strategic and thoughtful decisions on behalf of your company’s leaders to build trust that translates to positive relationships among your employees and management team. With a sustained effort, you can gradually create an environment that breeds trust and transparency throughout every facet of your organization.


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