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How to Cope with The Anxiety of Job Searching

Have you recently been let go or fired from a job? The thought of finding a new position and starting over at a new company can feel daunting for many reasons. However, if you let the stress of the job search affect your physical or emotional well-being, you’ll derail your progress and end up stunting yourself along the way. As you embark on a new path, here are some key coping practices that can help you navigate the many ebbs and flows of the job hunt:

Organize your finances. 

Upon being unemployed, the first thought that probably crossed your mind was having a lack of income – which can no doubt be a major cause of anxiety! Before you even begin the job search, it’s best to get your finances in order. First, if you’ve been laid off, apply for unemployment. Second, educate yourself about the status of your employee benefits as you exit your current organization. Whether it’s rolling over your 401(k) plan or cashing out funds, be sure to take care of your retirement accounts immediately. Lastly, organizing your personal finances is paramount. This involves establishing a realistic budget for yourself as you seek a new job and setting aside the funds you will “live on” during your period of unemployment. In doing this, you may need to make some big adjustments to your lifestyle, such as cutting back on social outings or minimizing other extraneous expenses. Additionally, you may consider asking a family member for a loan to help cover living costs in the interim. Once your finances are organized, you’ll feel far less stressed about how you’ll get by, giving you more mental clarity to focus on your job search!

Update your resume and online profiles.

Taking steps to prepare for the job application process will automatically get you in the right headspace for the job search. This starts with updating your resume, specifically your employment history and skills sections. As you do this, take some time to consider how your qualifications have evolved since your most recent position. From new certifications to greater responsibilities, chances are you’ve significantly expanded your knowledge base and credentials. Make sure to showcase all these updates on your resume, as this will enhance your candidacy and reflect positive career growth. Additionally, updating your online profiles, such as LinkedIn, will ensure potential employers can easily learn about you as a candidate and get a sense of your personal brand. Once you’ve revisited your resume and online channels, you’ll feel more prepared to promote your abilities and conquer the interview process that lies ahead.

Start reaching out to contacts in your network. 

Rather than begin “networking” in the traditional sense (such as attending events or cold calling), it’s far more effective to simply start doing some outreach to existing contacts already in your network. Being strategic with who you contact is key to this process. For instance, if you have several close contacts who work in an industry that interests you, reach out to these individuals and explain your situation. While you don’t need to provide every detail of your unemployment circumstances, being honest and genuine in your communication will help them understand why you’re seeking a new opportunity. Remember, not every person you contact is going to get back to you or even care about your message – don’t take it personally! Having correspondence with even just one or two people who are willing to help can do wonders to boost your confidence as a candidate on the market.

Work with a recruiter.  

If you’re feeling stressed to the max, there’s good news – you don’t have to go through your entire job search by yourself! For candidates who feel like they’re on an island all alone, recruiters can often feel like a trusted partner in crime, assisting with every aspect of the job search and application process. From identifying leads to improving your resume and cover letters, a recruiter can work with you to form a blueprint for your job search. This typically involves taking an inventory of all your credentials and skills, as well as identifying the types of jobs and employers that are most aligned with your candidate profile. As you go through this process, you’ll achieve a clearer understanding of what you’re truly seeking in a new position. On a personal level, this can be one of the most meaningful steps you take to be thoughtful on your professional journey, eliminating confusion and anxiety about what path to pursue.


The future of your career success depends on your ability to take control of your emotional state and focus on your personal well-being as you consider employment options. The coping practices above will give you the strength to overcome any challenges ahead and set the stage for improved job satisfaction at your new job.

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